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Summer and camping

the Link camping 2I you, like us, had been wondering when summer was arriving then we finally discovered it last weekend (then promptly forgot about it later in the week as the temprature dropped). Nicki and I packed up two VERY excited children, crammed the car full of our camping stuff and drove about an hour down into the beautiful Wallonian countryside into the deepest Ardennes to stay on a campsite with lots of our friends from The Link. It turned out that the campsite was only 2 km from the house owned by one of YWAM Belgium's board members that we have been to stay at for several YWAM retreats! We had walked past the campsite admiringly just that winter!

Link Camping weekend 1It was a dangerous time for us, what with the Champagne corks that were flying and the dangers of heart disease from all the bacon for breakfast, it is a wonder we all didn't perish! The kids love camping and this weekend was even more special as they were with 18 of their friends from church. We hardly saw them. I was so tired on Sunday morning I shoved Ellie of the tent and told her to scavenge breakfast off another family; we had been feeding misc. children too all weekend!

the Link camping 3It was so good to spend some quality time with our friends from church and we had many chats about faith, the future direction of the Link and just general chit chat. Bliss! I made a deep personal discovery that my hairy stomach makes baby Lucy smile. What with getting in touch with nature and all that it was a deep time! I hope you like the pictures and if you are around in August maybe we can catch up with you there! Bring a sleeping bag and some bacon!

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