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Ellies birthday…

Ellies Party 3We both really enjoyed having Ellie’s birthday party here in Brussels. It was a very busy weekend with lots of of parties on – Sam had two to go to and was parted pooped by the end of the weekend – and Ellie’s was also lots of work but worth every minute of it.

Ellies Party 1First there was the calm before the storm as we set up the bar down stairs and got the Garden ready, install fresh water in the paddling pool and picked out the scum from the pool too. Then came the screaming hordes of girls from Ellie’s school, the Link and from the building here. The screaming and excitement really hit fever pitch and the sound was incredible. I thought i could see the windows shaking and ready to shatter! After a while it all calmed down a bit.

Ellies Party 2We played a subdued game of Pass the Parcel, mainly as this was new to all the Belgium kids! Then the girls hit the paddling pool with a grand splash! A little later on the dolls appeared and the My Little Ponies too. Barbies were bathed in brown muddy water – clearly a beauty treatment Kevin has never heard of but along the lines of face packs etc.)

Ellies Party 4For us adults we also enjoyed the chance to chat and sit in the sun. After a while the party looked after itself! A mixture of French and English and some Dutch could be hear d in the Garden as conversations flowed. We really had a good time. Children’s parties can be draining and hard work. This one was fun and hard work! Hope the pictures give you a little flavour of what it was like!

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