Itinerary for Furlough

A number of people have been asking us what we are up to so here is our summer itinerary:

  • July 6th – 13th – Camping in France
  • July13th- 20th – Camping in Exmouth (friends in Exeter and Torquay, we’d love to invite you to a meal at our tent!)
  • July 20th -27th – Plymouth (preach at St Judes on 23rd)
  • July 27th- Aug 11th – Stroud
  • Aug 14th -26th – Brussels, although thinking of going camping again possibly in the week of 14th
  • Aug 28th – back to work! ;-p

Hope that helps. We will be on our English mobile zero zero four four, seven nine six seven one oh five two seven three.

We really hope to catch up with you!

Can’t wait!

2 comments on “Itinerary for Furlough

  1. Hi Guys,

    I can’t believe Ellie is 5!! Looks like she had a great party – wish I could have been there!

    Miss you all heaps!

    Lots of love

  2. Love the blog! And look forward to the newsmails to remind me to look at the blog. Have a GREAT rest. You deserve it!!
    Love, Els

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