Something we did on a wet summer sunday in Brussels…

Yesterday we whilst watching Walace and Gromit we were inspired to create our own family oeuvre so we arose at the crack of dawn (well 11am) and embarked on our epic. The results are here: “Polly Pocket and the dinosaur attack“.

Nicki and I were thrilled with how well the kids got into it all and really concentrated all the way through. Stop- frame animation is really hard!!! I hope you all enjoy it. I will try to post instructions so you can make your own at home too!

8 comments on “Something we did on a wet summer sunday in Brussels…

  1. The scream really scared me!(Jamie)

    Awwwww (Marcena)

    I liked it (Peter)

    I did too – especially the cool snake at the beginning and the lego dinosaur! (Ian)

  2. WOW That is so fab and puts my creativity to shame! I had to watch it quite a few times to get the full effect, I was laughing too much the first couple of times. I really am just so impressed. Lovely scenery E and N, scary looking dinosaur S and K, great Barbie voice N, funny giggling E and amazing edditing K. I am intrigued as to how you did it.
    Ten out of Ten and 5 gold stars Ness xxxx

  3. We loved the film…it must have been such fun to make and what a fantastic result!! Watch out Nick Park !!!
    God bless Helen and Tony

  4. Josiah: Ha ha ha ha! I like the ‘Legosaurus!’ Hello by the way to Sam and Kev!

  5. Great! Fab! Hilarious! REALLY funny! Look forward to next production!

  6. Guess what? I was watching this, and Joe and Steph both appeared attracted by the sound track!! (esp. the scream at the end) 🙂

  7. What a gifted family – the Collyers I mean!

  8. Great !… Well, the final scream is now stuck in my brain for eternity ! 🙂 Congratulations to the whole family for this great job !

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