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Two steps forward, one step back!

This is my (Kevin) first week back to work since the furlough and it is good to be back but oh boy is there a lot of little stuff to day! Lots of little details and stuff to be sorted out after the 8 weeks we were away. Still not too much stuff.

Also we have just received and new member of Staff. Melissa is 20 and a French speaking Belgian. Actually she speaks little English so my French has gone into overdrive this week which is nice. After making it through the staff meeting in French, and evening with Melissa and a meeting today I was feeling quite pleased with myself.

Anyway at coffee break (in French) I was reminded by Liam that when I spoke at a church (in French) recently I started off by saying “Vous êtes mes Heros!” (You are my Heros!). Well that’s what I thought I had said, but as I didn’t make a pause between the mes and Heros it sounded like I was saying “Vous êtes mes Zeros!”

Hmmmph I hadn’t really noticed until Liam pointed it out!

One comment on “Two steps forward, one step back!

  1. Hi Kevin, so impressed by your strides forward with French – I would never have guessed in the summer – no trace of the accent when youvisited us in the UK. Wish my French was half so good ((demi alors bon!) i bet that makes no sense whatever!!!!!!!!!!!!

    email us your giving form again when you have a moment – we would like to join! Trudy & Steve

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