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October News

Dear All,

This last month has gone by so quickly and a lot has happened!

dscf1486.JPGThe mothers and babies groups for Alternatives have had their biggest meetings ever! The main meeting was attended by 18 women. When you add all their babies, the helpers and then all the buggies, the bar where we hold the group was certainly packed! They all left with bags of clothes, some pots of food and many had new buggies. Mother and Babies PLUS (the monthly discussion also went well with eleven women (many Muslim) taking part in a discussion on how to encourage their children. Nicki started the talk by asking them to write down five positive things about their child. Sadly, it proved to be a real challengedscf1494.JPG to them and provoked discussion about the difference it makes to praise our children and how we all give and receive love in different ways. The team have been encouraged by the fact that more conversations have been revolving around spiritual things. During Ramadam many of the women were particularly open to have deeper conversations about faith. Please pray that we are led by God in our discussions with the women especially for some who are in very needy situations.

Kevin spent four days this month in France with the the YWAM European leadership’s team. It was a time of strategy and prayer for the different ministries. It was also a time of personal encouragement for Kevin as he spent time with his peers and could seek advice, counsel and encouragement in key areas of leadership. Please continue to pray for Kevin as he spends a lot of time with the ministry leaders here in Brussels coaching them in their leadership. For the three main ministries (bookshop, alternatives and akaZOE bar) most of their teams are made up of volunteers from local churches which can have it’s blessings but also challenges! Kevin will also be taking the staff through appraisals over the next month, please pray that these are of great benefit to the staff.

Sam and Ellie with their friends Tom, Sam and Jo at EuroDisney Our trip to Disneyland was great… the kids still talk about it a lot! (Thank you to our great friends for taking us!) Sadly Kev was unable to go in the end as his back problem worsened just before we went (compressed disc). Thank you everyone who prayed as it has improved in record time!

One final thing, we have been working on our blog site, so we hope you know the difference from the emails we send that the pictures make! We have written a new section on how we are funded (top on the right). A few people have wanted to know about this so if you want to know more click on the following links for Why we are in Brussels and How we are funded.

Once again, Thank you for your prayers and partnership with us!

Love Kevin, Nicki, Sam and Ellie

Dates for November:

  • 9th: Mothers and Babies meeting
  • 12th: Kevin preaching at The Link
  • 15th-9th: Nicki in UK for the Care Centres Network conference, representing “Alternatives”
  • 20th: Nicki teaches a session at the Alternatives training (“A typical appointment”). Currently four women are being trained to be counsellors on the team.
  • 23rd: Mothers and Babies PLUS (discussion on language development and encouraging reading)
  • 27th-28th: Kevin at YWAM Paris, networking and recruiting

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