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From 8am till 9am

Sunrise in Brussesl, 1st December 2006I (Kevin) have had a packed morning so far. I thought I would tell you about some of the things I have done between 8 and 9. This is the time in which I take the kids to school but as Ellie was a little late getting dressed, having her hair sorted out etc. I was truck by the fabulous sunrise outside the window. It’s cold and dry here and very lovely.

Sam also took the chance to show me his latest oeuvre – a Wallace and Grommit, type invention in his new Wallace Invention Pad. It’s a Porridge Machine. so I took a photo of that whilst we were waiting for pony tails to be pulled into shape.

The Porridge MachineWe hit the streets in our hats and gloves (6C here just now) and made our way first to Eellie’s school and then on to Sam’s. As we were approaching Sam’s school his headmaster was standing outside dressed in a Top Hat and cloak and carrying a cane! He looked rather fearsome and I asked if he was changing the name of the school to “Dotheboys”. It turned out that Year 4 are having a history lesson on the Victorians. They will be taken to the basement later in the day to have to do some work!!!! Sounds more interesting than many of my history lessons. None of my teachers ever dressed up for us!

Ellie’s PicturesWhen I got back home I took this picture of Ellie’s girls. She loves drawing pictures of Princesses, Herself, Herself as a Princess and Ponies. So she has made these for me. I think they are cute and will add this to my collection of computer wallpapers!

I have an enjoyable hour this morning and I hope this will cheer you along too!



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