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Interpreter for hire!

No interpreters could be found for an hours teaching today in the YWAM centre so relucatantly I, Kevin, was pressed into service as interpreter. So, a gruelling hour and a half later I have completed my first real attempt at Interpretation! Marks out of 10? Errm 5. I made lots of mistakes, the funniest was […]

January News

Dear all our Dear friends, Nicki and I have had a positive start to the new year and feel really excited about all the possibilities ahead. However, we have had a few early challenges! Some little setbacks in YWAM, including a poor cash flow in the centre here, is causing us some headaches. On the […]

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone, We’re actually writing this from Brussels having returned from our trip to the UK a few days early.  We had a great time visiting family and friends but we were all beginning to feel too tired towards the end and ready for time at home just as a family. We managed to change […]