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Happy New Year!

Hi everyone,

We’re actually writing this from Brussels having returned from our trip to the UK a few days early.  We had a great time visiting family and friends but we were all beginning to feel too tired towards the end and ready for time at home just as a family. We managed to change our ferry ticket (not many people decide to cross the channel on New Years Eve!) and got back last night.  It’s been a great Christmas and Sam and Ellie particularly enjoyed themselves, but it’s good to be home!  It was especially lovely to come home to lots of Christmas cards and news from many of you… it’s always good to hear your news too!  We are sorry we didn’t get to see everyone in Plymouth but we will be returning soon for the dedication of our God-Daughter, Chloe, in February.

Thank you for your prayers over the last month.  Kevin had all the meetings he needed with the staff and the appraisals went really well with everyone seeming to be encouraged and with a clearer idea on how to head in to the new year with God’s perspective.  Overall 2006 was a good year when we really saw the ministry turn a corner.  We just need more staff to join us in this coming year so please pray with us for them.  Two people have moved on from  the leadership team so please pray that we get the right replacements for them to ensure we are balanced in our insights and gifts.

The mothers and babies Christmas party went well… just the right number of mothers and their children came to give it a good party feel without it getting too hectic.  The talk on the real meaning of Christmas went down well and the boxes of gifts were gratefully received.  Appointments were made for those who could not make the party to collect their gifts and it seems to have really touched them all.

Please pray for this month and year ahead:

  • Jesus will be the centre of everything we are and do… continue to pray for the right priorities for us within our work and family.
  • Jan and Feb have often been “grey” months for us… struggling with feeling low. Please pray that God will help us to have his strategy, hope and ongoing victory in overcoming depression  (generally we have been doing much better though)
  • Four evangelists will be joining us over the next few months and a team from France so please pray that they settle in well and that their ministry within the city and with churches will be fruitful

May God bless you in this year to come in many unexpected ways!

Much love

Nicki, Kevin, Sam and Ellie Colyer

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