Ellie’s joke of the week

Thought you might like to know Ellie’s current favorite joke of the month:

Ellie: What do you call an Owl who is on the bottom of the sea?

You: I don’t know

Ellie: Hey, I’m not dead yet, Mate!

3 comments on “Ellie’s joke of the week

  1. Daisy and Maisy ..two cows were walking together..

    Daisy: Yo Maisy..have u heard about this cow maddness thing..its driving me nuts,arent u scared?

    Maisy: Why should i? im a duck..!!

    hope u like it 😛

  2. hey! that was a good joke!

  3. Hi Ellie!

    You probably won’t remember me as you were very young and at St Judes in Plymouth when you used to see me! Just to say its great to see you have a wonderful sense of fun and laughter1 Hope to read more jokes soon! Chris xx

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