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March news (only just!)

Dear All,

Our March update is rapidly turning into an April update so I had better write quickly to avoid further delay! It is my turn to write (Kevin) so I hope you wont mind me writing about things from my perspective.

We have been working hard here recently in some areas we love and some we just have to endure! I was not so thrilled to have to prepare the accounts for the Base for the accountant, but thrilled that it went so quickly this year! It is not an area I enjoy much but I was very pleased with how quickly it has gone. I have worked very hard on this area and with our new bookkeeping system in place we are up to date each month. This seems a trivial issue to write about but this has been a constant problem here that has fallen in my lap. Sadly, my lap has been ill suited for doing bookkeeping and I find it a pain!

There are a lot of administrative things that I find hard so I (and everyone else) have been sad to see Jonathan, our administrator leave last week. However, it is an immense joy to see how ably Agnés, who has been doing the personnel work, has taken on nearly all of Jonathan’s job in addition to her own! I am thrilled as I have invested a lot in Agnés and we are both thrilled at how she has grown over the last six months.

All of the ministries have been going well. The evangelists we had with us have been working hard and I am so pleased to hear about all the people they have talked too. They were great at inventing ways to go and talk to people by giving out coffee, playing chess with people, rock climbing and more! The stories of the little ways people have been nudged towards Christ are really wonderful to hear.

Over the cold winter months I have been working on a project with a colleague from England and this website is the fruit of it: http://www.ywamkb.net. The aim is to provide a place for YWAM staff from all over the world, but specifically the Western Europe. We hope to make sure that the current and up and coming tier of leadership in YWAM are more fully trained and properly equipped. It has been something to do on dark wet Belgian winter nights! It is not completed by a long stretch, a task that can only be completed with many others helping, but I will be presenting it in Germany in May and starting to seek collaborators from all YWAMers I can!

The Link when it is really full! I got the chance to speak a few times over this last month which was an enjoyable experience. I went to help train the DTS training school, our colleagues in Flanders run for Catholics, as they get ready to complete the course. I helped them take what they have learnt and consider how they can explain and pass it on after they have finished. I love training people to share and give away what they have learnt and it was great to inspire this group of young people to go and make disciples!

Both Nicki and I have had a great time in Church recently. I have been so thrilled with the way that Nicki is leading the Music group and how she has been helping each member to find their place and to be stretched a lot too! I was thrilled to see the response and fruit following the Healing service that I spoke at. My aim was to help everybody be more open to God using them in healing and prayer for each other. So I got people praying in two’s for each other and asked my friend Sarah who has only been a Christian for a year to demonstrate how to pray for me! And yes, my back is much better now too! You can hear me speaking at http://thelink.typepad.com/thelink/2007/03/noone_expects_t.html.
At 5.30 only children going to Disneyland look this excited!As for a life outside of work we had a great time visiting Euro Disney with Carol (Nicki’s Mum) and Warren. Despite the early start (see picture!) we had a full day at Disney land together with the entire population of Paris (yes we even had to queue for the toilets!) and a pipe band from Scotland, because it was St Patricks day (We are not sure why either). We had a fabulous day and barely scratched the surface of the entertainment capital!

Over the next few days we will be having a well earned break before launching into the next couple of months. Just one little other thing, we are using a new mailing list manager to send our mail out to you. This has the advantage that you can change your own email address and other details as you want by clicking on the links below. You can also choose to subscribe to other newsletters that we send out from YWAM Brussels. Please let us know if there are any problems at all.

Be in touch soon.

Kevin (and Nicki!)

Prayer points:

  • For Agnés as she settles into her new role and can take on more and more of the work load
  • For the ongoing work with Mothers and Babies. Pray for Nicki that she will grow in confidence and ability in her communication in French.
  • For each and every day that we will touch the people around us for Christ

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