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April info

Dear Everyone,

For myself (Nicki) April was spent mainly with the children as one or both of them were on their Easter holidays.  Being in different schools their holidays don’t always match up.  Many people have commented that this must be a pain… on the contrary. It means I get quality time with each child for a whole week which we all enjoy!  Kevin did have some time with them too whilst I ran the mothers and babies groups though.  Both children are doing well and their social lives are getting more hectic then ours!  It was also great to have a number of friends and family visit over this period.

The key activity for Kevin this month has been to give teaching and training. He has been spending more time with Agnes, training her up in accounts and administration.  She has been taking on more and more responsibility since Jonathan left and it is amazing how our answer to that particular staffing need has been right under our noses all along!  He has also been putting together a training programme for our staff, especially in the area of leadership, as well working with Melissa with whom he is planning towards the DTS (Discipleship Training School) to start this coming September.   At the moment Kevin is also right in middle of giving three days of leadership training for some Flemish young leaders.  They are taking teams of young people on summer outreaches to Brazil, Israel and Portugal.

More and more of Kevin’s meetings are in French and he is doing really well.  Doing training in French proves at times to be a challenge. It often requires extra work to get the English handouts translated so it can take a lot out of him, but he is very satisfied having done it.  He really enjoys teaching and it is obviously one of his gifts and motivations.

Please pray for us in the month to come as we have a fair bit of travelling.  Eleven of us on the team will be heading to Germany for the YWAM European conference, Festival of the Nations.  Kevin will be doing a presentation there on the work he has been doing for the knowledge base…  The children will be busy in their special programme and we are sure they will love it.  Please pray for safe travelling (10 hours of driving) and good weather as we will be camping! Please also pray that this will be an inspiring and refreshing time for all the team and the we will make and renew many YWAM contacts.

I am also planning towards our second Open Day to be held on June 16th.  I am enjoying organising this but please pray that it all goes to plan. If you are likely to be in Brussels that day and want to enjoy a free drink and tour, put it in your diary!

A number of people have also asked us about whether we have a car yet.  The answer is…”yes!”  We are currently borrowing a car which is helping a lot and we will get our very own one soon.  A Diesel VW Passat Estate has been offered to us (you may remember that this is exactly the type of car we wanted!!) and we are just working out how to get it and when as it is in Germany.  So thank you for your faithful prayers, God is indeed good to us!

Key dates for the months to come:

  • 18th-20th: In the UK for Andy and Jo’s wedding (Kev will be best man!)
  • 25th-28th Festival of the Nations, European conference in Hernhutt, Germany
  • 1st June: Deadline for staff team to apply for DTS (please pray for the right people)
  • 8th-10th Link camping weekend
  • 16th June:YWAM Brussels Open Day
  • 22nd-27th June: Nicki in France for intensive language learning

Please keep in touch, we ALWAYS love hearing from you too!

Love Nicki, Kevin, Sam and Ellie

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