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May News

“Appuyer sur le champignon!”, Agnes told me! (put your foot down!). I tried but the traffic kept grinding to a halt making the 870Km to drive from Brussels to Herrnhut in East Germany a 14 hour sweaty grind. Still I learnt a few more French phrases! More about our time in Herrnhut later.

Ellie learns to ride her bike with no stabilisers

This last month has shot past mostly as we have been on two trips out of Belgium. The first was to Ware, Hertford for the wedding of Andy Keay a student of mine from Plymouth, who had asked me to be best man for him. It was a great time, but a nerve wracking time as I was thrilled to help in this way but the pressure of the speech was intense. I had great fun in the end though and it was such a privilege to spend time with Andy and Jo on their wedding day. Sam and Ellie loved Lego LandThe kids went to stay with their God Mother, Steph, who thrilled them with a day out to Lego Land! I was quite jealous! Weddings are in the air and we will be back for Steph’s wedding to Andy in August! This time Sam and Ellie are page boy and Bridesmaid and I will be leading the service! The only role I have not played in a wedding now is the Father of the Bride… thank goodness! It is funny but pleasing that our ex-staff and ex-students have such good relationships with us and I suppose illustrates the fruit of one of our values of being real and open with those we lead and develop.

It has been a good month for Ellie, who has performed her “Spectacle” at school (which was a treat) and learned to ride her bike without stabilisers!

The second trip was to East Germany to Herrnhut very close to the Czech border. It was quite beautiful, if remote. We were there for the Festival of the Nations and occasional gathering of YWAMers from all over the YWAM Europe field. There were 900+ of us camping in a field and meeting in a large tent in the grounds of the Wasserschloss (Water Castle) that is now a rather nice (if remote) YWAM training centre in the historic town of Herrnhut. (For more of the history and this towns very important contribution to the modern missions movement have a look at this article on Wikipedia: Zinzendorf)

We had an enjoyable 3 days. We spent a lot of quality time with our staff cramped in the car for 25 hours in total travelling plus we got to meet lots and lots of old and new friends from Spain to Russia! The kids had a great time and were thrilled with their programme that ran at the same time as the adult programme. They also made lots of new friends and enjoyed the German cooking (Sam loved a jam filled donut-like thing covered in custard – this was a main course and one of the tricks that Germans use to make their kids eat i.e. make it sweet!)

We have been very busy at church recently leading this that and the other. I will be speaking again this weekend and I am hoping I will catch up on my rest as after all this travelling I am/we are all very tired. We are pleased our holidays are coming soon and we will be taking two weeks as a family camping in France in July.

Coming up this month we have our Base open day and we will be working hard at welcoming more people to come and spend time seeing first hand what we get up to. I have been working hard at communications recently and have managed to get YWAM’s news flowing again. It is tremendously hard work to get accurate communication in three languages flowing; recently I wasted 5,000 flyers as the proof reading of the French failed and I produced 150 Euro’s of flyers I could not send out!

If you are interested you can request more information from YWAM by going to the link below. Try it!

Till next time,

Kevin, Nicki and the kids.

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Diary Date

  • The Rain on our balcony is good for the flowers 1st June: Deadline for staff team to apply for DTS (please pray for the right people)
  • 3rd June: Kevin speaking at the Link
  • 8th-10th: Link camping weekend
  • 16th June:YWAM Brussels Open Day
  • 22nd-27th June: Nicki in France for intensive language learning!

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