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June News

Dear Everyone,

Well, the fact this arrives a few days late may indicate how busy we have been! June has been a great but particularly hectic month….but the good news is that it is only one week before we head to Britanny, France, to camp as a family. We can’t wait!

Link Camping Weekend - everyone sitting around enjoying food together…So why has June been busy? Well after yet another great camping weekend with all our friends from The Link (for more than 100 photos see here) we had our second YWAM Brussels Open Day. It was a huge success seeing more than double the people coming through our doors than the first one. The bar and bookshop were both full and the offices had a real buzz about them as people wandered around the displays, watched video clips, had their faces painted (children although one adult too!) and visited the Pregnancy crisis centre. Everyone left happy with many exclaims of “I had no idea how much was going on here!”. We were all thrilled with how the day went and look forward to the next one this time next year!

A concert in progress at the open dayPersonally, (Nicki) I have been busy meeting with staff members to do appraisals and debriefing meetings as part of my pastoral leadership role. I shall be taking most of July and August off to be with the children as they have longer holidays here so I have had a lot of things to finish off before the long break. However, I did have time to fit in a visit to Gex, just over the border from Geneva. Many of you from Stroud will know Wendy, who used to be my youth group leader and believe it or not my French teacher when I was 12! She is now living in France, feeling called to reach out to the people there and particularly to pray and lead prayer teams.Sarah, our colleague from YWAM in Flanders popped in to help! I spent 5 days with her and she helped me a lot with my French. We had between 2 and 4 hours of lessons a day and talked French the whole time until 10pm when my brain could no longer work so we switched to English! I’ve returned still feeling I have a long way to go before I am fluent but certainly off the plateau I felt I had reached. Kev of course was back home looking after the children on top of his normal work load so I am extremely grateful to him!

The day after my return to Brussels we had our biggest “Mothers and Babies” meeting ever with 20 women, plus their children. When you count in all the helpers and the buggies the bar got very full! So for me a really good way to end this academic year!

So please pray for us in this coming month that we will feel refreshed during our holiday in France. As we are camping for nearly 2 weeks please pray for good weather!! After our time in France I will be coming to Stroud alone with the children to visit family and friends there whilst Kevin remains in Brussels to help host one of the many evangelism teams that will be visiting this summer.

Forthcoming dates are as follows:

  • 9th-20th July: camping in Britanny, joined by the Riordans for some of this time
  • 23rd-30th July: Nicki, Sam and Ellie in Stroud, UK (Kevin in Brussels, helping to host evangelism teams)
  • 16th-18th Aug: Maidenhead for Steph’s wedding,
  • 20th-24th Aug: VBS holiday club (with St Paul’s, International Baptist church and The Link)

As ever, thank you for your prayers and looking forward to seeing many of you soon,

Love Nicki and Kevin

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