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Been a busy month!

Dear All,

Sometimes it even rained when we were camping!This summer is going quickly for us and I hope it is going well for you too. So what have we been up to? We got away on holiday in the second week of July and packed everything bar the kitchen sink and mosquito cream and pounded the motorway to Brittany, back to the camp site we stayed on last year. This time we stayed twice as long and in fact discovered more and more lovely corners of that part of the world. The campsite was a family run one and the couple running it were pleased we came back… and brought friends with us! Sean and Helen and the kids came for a week and we had a great time. The weather was not special and varied from gusty and cold to warm and showery. But we all had a great time and seem to still be friends too! Even better!

The campsite owners kissed us goodbye and we set off back to Brussels with many fond memories and about 50 mosquito bites all over Ellie’s face! The evening on the beach particularly stays with us. There is a stony beach about half a mile from the campsite down a footpath through a valley. We watched the sun go down and roasted bananas and marshmallows on the fire we had built. It was wonderful. We all came back very rested and a lot healthier.

Ellie adapts to the floods in the UKNicki and the kids departed for Stroud to visit family and friends there and I stayed behind in Brussels to work. It was very quiet here in Brussels but that all changed with the arrival of a team of young people from YWAM’s centre in Sussex, Holmsted Manor, who came for a week of outreach. I had a lot of fun looking after them and taking them here and there. They had a varied programme but I enjoyed taking them out to do evangelism down by Gare-du-Midi (where the Eurostar arrives.) We were not half a mile from the station under a concrete awning made by the track overhead. It is a foul smelling area with pools of urine around lots of litter. There was a food distribution programme happening by a Christian ministry called Tabitha who come several times a week and were feeding upwards of 100 people. The team sang and talked to the people who came. There were the homeless, the mentally ill, the addicts and illegal immigrants, all hungry for food. The team performed one drama that was a very simple light against darkness tale; the music was hardly audible but they continued anyway. The effect was electrifying on the crowd and it made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. They all recognised their own battles in the drama. The team put their whole hearts into it, and some of them had to throw themselves unflinchingly onto the stinking pavement. It was great! We had a lot of good conversations and later a Polish man asked for prayer to overcome his alcoholism. It was very touching.

“Mud Mud Glorious Mud” - the song of the holidays…So I have been kept busy over the last weeks. But in other ways it has been less demanding and I have had time to start the painting of the offices. The ceilings are nearly complete and over half the gloss work is done. Just walls and glossing to complete. Then we really must do something about the flooring!

Over the summer we thought that the church would be empty as so many of us are away in the UK or wherever. This year we have found that there were sometimes 25 people there on a Sunday – this is new for us! It shows we have grown! We are attracting new people, some of whom are not yet Christians, yet realise they have spiritual needs. Please pray for them and in particular my Wednesday night house group that keeps growing! (The members keep bringing their friends!)

That’s all the news for now, but don’t worry the next bulletin wont be far off!


Kevin, Nicki, Sam and Ellie

August Dates

  • Ellie enjoys the sand17th Going to Maidenhead for Steph’s (God Mother of Ellie) wedding! Sam is a Page boy, Ellie Bridesmaid and Kevin is leading the service! Nicki will be panicking quietly
  • 18th Returning Home. Rick, Kate and Chloe coming for a week.
  • 20th – 24th Church Summer Kids Club – Nicki on action songs, Kevin on puppets and Ellie, Sam and Chloe plus other children of our friends! Please pray for an encounter with Jesus for all kids going and parents too!
  • 25th Crash out and try to recover before a new term starts!

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