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Car Free Sunday

Brussels Car-Free Sunday (click for more pics) Today was Car Free Sunday in Brussels. This is our favourite day here in the city, and I suspect many peoples favourite day. From 9 till 5 car travel is prohibited in the city. The hush that falls is amazing! Today was a fine day and I went […]

Sam is getting bigger

We discovered today that Sam has grown one centimetre in one month!!! This explains the reason why the school trousers Nicki bought at the beginning of July now end at Sam’s ankles!

Literal translations are not always the best…

How do you translate “Lost Property” from English to French? Les Choses Perdus perhaps? Well it turns out that this is one phrase you definitely can not literally translate from English to French. “Lost Property” in French is “Objéts Trouvés” (Objects Found). My French colleague Agnès thinks that is because French people are all optimists! […]

First words!

First words are always important: today Colour our budgie almost spoke. How exciting! His words? “Pretty Birdie”! How exciting! Kevin Disclaimer: This is what I, Kevin, think I heard – other people may claim to have heard  something else or nothing at all.  Official sound recordings will be posted when Colour is in better voice!

August News

Hi Everyone, Well, the summer is over (was it ever here!) and the schools have started again. Despite the weather we have thoroughly enjoyed August and there have been a number of highlights. More about them later! After Kevin hosted a visiting team at the end of July he appreciated a quiet office during August […]

Could you take a moment to pray?

Dear Friends, The other day I was sent an email from an old friend of mine who now lives as a Pastor of a Messianic Jewish Congregation in Israel. He has been experiencing persecution along with his congregation in the small town of Arad in the Negev Desert. He sent me some news items that […]