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Car Free Sunday

Brussels Car-Free Sunday (click for more pics)

Today was Car Free Sunday in Brussels. This is our favourite day here in the city, and I suspect many peoples favourite day. From 9 till 5 car travel is prohibited in the city. The hush that falls is amazing! Today was a fine day and I went out for a bike ride (with thousands of others) first and took some photos. You can see them on our Picassaweb site (click on the picture to the right).
Later we went to church and cycled all the way! Sam and Ellie are getting better and better on their bikes and we had no tumbles or spills. And they both made it easily, even cycling up the long hill to the church. Sam cycled all the way (with a few rest stops)!

There was quite a party atmosphere on the streets as people were playing in fountains and catching up with and greeting those they bumped into. I kind wish the city was like this all the time as it really is lovely and so QUIET! It really makes a big difference when the car engines are silent. I hope Electric cars become affordable and useful soon!

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