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September news

Dear All,

We have been rushed off our feet this autumn and so far the pace has not slowed down much! But it is time to talk about what is going on here in Brussels.

We have made a few blog entries in between our official newsletters so if you want to see us and Brussels on car free Sunday then please have a look at the blog!

September Newsletter (click here for more pics)

The last weeks have been busy and the team here have had a difficult time. We think that the morale of the team is low just now as we have said goodbye to 3 staff this year and have not had any new staff joining, nor a DTS running plus we are all feeling the ongoing strain of being understaffed. So please pray for us all that we pull together and remember that our feelings are not always the best guide for whether God is at work or not! Because he is!

Nicki was speaking at the Brussels Vineyard church last weekend as part of a presentation the Alternatives team was making. She was talking about a recent story of a lady who has come to Alternatives six months pregnant. On being asked how she heard about the centre she said she had come earlier on in the year for a pregnancy test and had seen some others on the team. At the time she was thinking strongly of aborting the baby but “something that they said made me think again and I kept the baby”. The team members doing the counselling can’t recall saying anything special but they were thrilled that God worked through them anyway! I am certain that many other women make their choice to keep their babies after visiting Alternatives; but never come back to tell us the story!

Patrick was telling me about a man he met with the group that goes with him to sing and worship in the tunnel near Central Station in the City centre. He and the team go weekly to do evangelism and they meet all sorts of people. Last week they met a man who hung around with them. As they got talking more deeply they discovered that he had been a Christian but turned his back on his faith a long time ago. The team befriended him and spent many hours talking with him that night in our bar here and then later across the road in the ice-cream parlour… Great stuff.

The kids are enjoying being back to school. Sam really gets on well with his new teacher and has a class blog! Ellie is very proud to be in Prémiere Primare and has got over the fact there there are few games now. She is enjoying learning her Dutch and can sing “Frére Jacques” in Dutch plus another bizarre song about paper hats.

The first of my three training talks on Evangelism in French went well. It was a challenge (probably mostly for my listeners) but they seemed pleased. I was – I talked for about an hour and took questions too. Many thanks to Agnes for helping me translate all my slides and handouts into French; my written French is trés mauvais and sans ésperance!

This month will continue to be busy. I will be going to Amsterdam for a 3 day meeting with people leading New Teams in YWAM in Western Europe. I really need to do much more networking this year and visit YWAM bases to promote Brussels and recruit new staff. Plus I am also working with a local church to provide some training for Christians over a six week block. We are calling it Greenhouse Café and I hope will be useful for Christians here in Brussels.

To round it off we have the second birthday of our church The Link next Sunday. It is thriving at the moment and we hope that it will continue. Please pray as we look for a better venue!

Till next month, Nicki and I wish you all the very best.


Diary Dates:

  • 13th – Consultation with local Christian Business men about future growth and direction of the bookshop
  • 14th – The Link is 2!
  • 16th – Greenhouse Café starts
  • 22nd – Trip to Amsterdam
  • 28th – Second of three Evangelism training times

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