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October News

Dear everyone,

November News (click here for more pictures)

Looking back over the last month it’s amazing to see how many people we have worked with and had contact with from different churches, and organisations as well other YWAM staff across Europe. It’s encouraging when we can work together in partnership to see God’s Kingdom fulfilled. As you support and pray for us, you are also partners in this ministry and we truly mean it when we say we couldn’t be here without your partnership too. Thank you! Read on to discover what you have been a part of!

I (Nicki) visited an international church in Brussels (The Vineyard) with Sheila where we did a good double act! Sheila shared all the facts, statistics and background to Alternatives and then I preached. It was really good to experience another church in the city and I especially loved the worship. A number of our volunteers for Alternatives go to The Vineyard including a board member and another who is currently going through the training (six women are being trained at present). During the service we were all brought to the front and prayed for which was a really powerful time.

The Greenhouse Café has also started really well, an initiate run jointly between us at YWAM and another International Church, The Well. On Tuesday Evenings we have 8 or 9 people coming for 2 six week courses in our akaZOE bar. The first course (between 6:45 and 8:00) has been on Christian disciplines with the talks being led by Kevin, Carlton (leader of The well) and Sean (Leader at The Link). After a meal together the second course starts at 8:45 and is being taken by Sonja Stark and Jacques LeLoupe who work with “Living Waters” giving a Biblical basis for healthy sexuality. People can come to one or both courses. It is wonderful to have different churches/organisations working together and as a first run it has worked extremely well with the group quickly opening up and eager to learn more. The hope is that the “Greenhouse cafe” will grow covering lots of topics and will happen regularly in 6 week bursts. The next one will be held in February. (Just for you a sneak listen to one of Kevin’s talks: mp3 and slides)

For a while now Richt-Jan and Kevin have wanted to draw together a board for the bookshop of Christian business men/women and leaders to gain from their insights and wisdom. So a consultation was held on a Saturday morning starting with breakfast and finishing with lunch. A power point presentation was given including the history of the bookshop, business plan and vision. David Sayers (friend and coach from St Paul’s) helped to lead a brainstorming discussion which proved most encouraging and interesting giving some clearer ideas of the way forward. The meeting needs to be followed up with a written report especially for those who were unable to come but those who did make it expressed a desire to be involved more in the future which was most encouraging

In the midst of all this Kevin managed to do some travelling including to Harpenden, England for the Western European leadership meetings. Lots of meetings crammed into just a few days including one when Kev did a presentation on his YWAM knowledge base. Some of discussions revolved around the next Western European conference that will be held early next year in Holland. Later on in the month Kev travelled up to Amsterdam for a meeting of European team leaders who are starting new teams. Plans for the conference continued then alongside vital networking and sharing of resources and ideas amongst leaders. Kevin found it encouraging and supportive to be amongst other leaders in similar situations so that struggles, joys and challenges could be shared and brought before God.

Finally last week was the Toussaint holidays here in Brussels and conference season! Kevin went to a missions’ conference on Thursday in Jodoigne to represent YWAM Brussels there amongst the French speaking Protestant world of Belgium, and then on Friday at Carlsbourg for a youth conference. Again both places were great chances to meet with different Christian contacts within the nation. A highlight for Kevin was experiencing some amazing Congo-ese worship!

Please continue to pray for us in this coming month. Team morale is picking up after the many encouragements but still please continue to pray for us and particularly for the staffing needs to be be filled with God’s chosen people.

As always, we love to hear from you too and any prayer needs you may have too.

Much love,

Nicki, Kevin, Sam and Ellie

PS Our email is now back and working again: please use kevinandnicki@thecolyers.net!

PPS sometimes our in out partnership with our supporters we are able to help them with their visions and passions. We recently helped our friend Joyce to publish her novel “The Cost of Revenge”, that God had prompted her to write. We had read the manuscript years ago and wanted to see it in print. Through the wonders of technology you can now print one single copy for the cost of a regular book. Please check out her book. Some are describing it as “un-put-down-able!” You can only buy it from Joyce (for those who know her) or from Lulu.com at the moment.

Future dates:

  • 8th: Mothers and babies meeting
  • 9th-11th Nov: Germany, visiting Markus and Leonie
  • 22nd: Mothers and Babies PLUS (discussion on self esteem)
  • 13th and 20th:Greenhouse café
  • 19th, Nicki teaching for Alternative trainees (What is a Typical appointment?)
  • 25th: Sharing about Alternatives in St Pauls’ service and Nicki preaching at The Link. Kevin doing his final talk on Evangelism in French.

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