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December News

Dear All,

The last few weeks have been a bit up and down for us in Brussels. Nicki has been back to the UK for an emergency visit as her Grandmother was rushed to hospital with a Brain Hemorrhage. Nicki was very close to her Grandmother, who looked after her and her brother when she was growing up. She was thrilled to see her show great strength as she picked up considerably for a week and Nicki was able to say a fond goodbye to her and pray with her too. The following week her Grandmother declined and passed away. The funeral is on the 21st so Nicki will be off again to the UK for that and then will come back with her Mum, who will be spending Christmas with us here.

So you can kind of imagine how up and down it has all been with Nicki away and the uncertainty of it all. Now we know what will happen we all feel better about it. But please keep Nicki and her family in your prayers.

But we are looking forward to Christmas despite all this. We decided to get in the Christmas mood by going to the Christmas fair that happens each year through the centre of Brussels. We went ice-skating on an open air rink in the middle of Place St Catherine surrounded by hundreds of small wooden chalets smelling of Vin Chaud and Waffles! Then we went on the big wheel that gave us a wonderful view of the city. This year we had an enclosed cabin, which is great as it was FREEZING cold and raining.

Sam and Ellie loved ice skating and Sam threw himself at the ice with great gusto at least 30 or 40 times! We have a video clip here of his innovative skating technique. What was most impressive was his determination to move across the ice, however inelegant. He was amazing and got better and better on his own. Perhaps next time he might combine that with skating around the rink in the correct direction!

Christmas News. Click here for more photos

Work has been good. Morale is much improved and we were pleased to have Liam rejoin us for a time. He is now working full time in the bookshop which is a complete joy for Richt Jan who has been working so hard in the shop mostly on his own. We also welcomed April, a punk from USA who has come for a month. She has had a wonderful time of evangelism and been reaching out to the small sub-communities here in Brussels. She has been a regular visitor to a squatters bar where she spends time with the folks there and tells of the amazing ways God has worked in her life. She has made a big impact.

Nicki finished off the Mamans et Bébés year with a bumper Christmas party. Twenty mum’s came with 17 children. All the mum’s received a specially packed and decorated shoe box full of goodies. The kids at The Link had spent a couple of weeks in their Sunday school preparing the boxes. Ellie was thrilled to see the recipient of the box she decorated on the photo’s Nicki took during the day.

We hope that you have a wonderful Christmas wherever you are. Thanks for all your kind support and love over this last year. We are eager to see all the good things that God is going to do next year!


Kevin, Nicki, Sam and Ellie

Diary Dates

  • 22nd – Carol singing outreach in Stockel square with the Link
  • 23rd – Nativity and family Carol service at The Link
  • 24th – Midnight Communion with The Link


  • 2nd – Back to work with the Bookshop inventory!
  • 9-11th – Kevin visiting YWAM Heidebeek, Netherlands, for leadership meetings
  • 28th – Volunteers’ Thank You evening (Time to thank all the many volunteers who work with us in YWAM)

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