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Happy New Year!

Dear Everyone,

May we wish you all a wonderful 2008! We are praying for a year when we draw closer to God, knowing His ways as a whole family and we also pray the same for you. May it be a year of many blessings, surprises and joys.

We will keep this update brief as Kevin only started back yesterday after the Christmas holiday. All the staff worked together over last 2 days to do the bookshop and bar inventories which are both needed before reopening. As I was looking after the children I cooked the lunch for the whole team so it was good to have a crowd around the table! It is a great way to start the new year working as a team. The children return back to school on Monday.

Christmas 2007 (click for more photo’s)

Thank you for your prayers over the last month which I have personally appreciated. The extra visits to the UK just before my grandmother died and then again for the funeral were both physically and emotionally exhausting but I really sensed that many were praying. The funeral went far better than any of us thought it would and it was great to have relatives there who my mum hadn’t seen in 40 years (and of course I had never met!). The day after the funeral my mum travelled back with me for Christmas which was really lovely and the children’s excitement took our minds off the recent sadness. The holidays proved a lovely time for us as a family; a much needed rest.

So… what is in store for us in this month to come? Kevin heads to Heidebeek, Holland next week for communication meetings and then later on in the month we are holding a Thank You Reception for all our volunteer staff (which sustain all our ministries).

Thank you again for your prayers and for the many lovely Christmas cards that we received.

Love Nicki, Kevin, Sam, Ellie

PS If you have the time you might like to read this article written recently by the LA Times. We found it very encouraging as it sums up the reason why we are working with YWAM!

PPS The video below was made by our colleagues in YWAM England. It also sums up for us why we are YWAMers!

Future dates:
9-11th: Kevin in Holland
13th: Nicki preach at The Link
17th: Mothers and babies
25th-26th: Ladies retreat (Nicki leading worship)
27th: Kevin preach at The Link
28th: Thank you reception for volunteers
31st: Mothers and babies PLUS (Guest speaker: local Christian doctor)

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