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News update!

Dear All,

We seem to have slipped a little on our stricter schedule of getting news to you but I think you will be able to forgive us when we tell you our latest news!

We had a great Christmas, as I hope all of you did. Despite the very sad circumstances of Nicki’s Grandmother’s funeral just a few days before Christmas, Nicki and her Mother (who came back with her) both had a great Christmas and the chance to relieve the sadness with a lot of joy.

We all entered the New Year much refreshed after a great break and got straight back to work with our annual set of inventories. The bookshop and akaZOE both needed stock counting but we made record time this year. This is a good sign that we are more efficient than ever now, especially when you consider that the bookshop has got a lot more stock than last year. The shop also made a respectable profit too which is a good sign.

Alfie and Bettie

However, our world was pleasantly shaken with the discovery that Nicki is pregnant! Actually that was not world shaking as we had been planning this, but 2 weeks ago Nicki went for her first Doctors appointment to discover that she is carrying TWINS!!! This was somewhat more wobble-inducing! The twins are non-identical (carrying on a tradition on Kevin’s side of the family for three generations!) and are healthy with good strong heartbeats. Astoundingly, the doctor also took the following photo of the babies. I don’t know if you have ever seen 8 week old babies in the womb as in these photos. We hadn’t and it still makes us go all giddy at the thought of life growing inside Nicki. September 1st is the due date but we should expect anything from the end of July.

The unsurprising upshot of this is that Nicki is as sick as a pig and very, very tired. Kevin is being a hero and taking care of the house whilst she is lying about on the sofa, vomiting, sleeping and demanding toast (you’ve probably realised that Kevin is writing this!). So far the strangest craving she has had are for Falafals in a pitta wrap, but we think this is because they are easily available from the Fritterie just up the road.

Sam and Ellie are over the moon. They keep coming and touching Nicki’s tummy and saying hello to Alfie and Bettie (temporary fun names for now!) . They can’t wait to see the twins. Kevin, Sam and Ellie practised all sitting on the sofa together with a dolly of Ellie’s to see what it would be like. Very pleasant was the result!

So as you can imagine this will change a few things for this coming year. We are so far in the “getting our heads around it all” stage and so we have nothing clear but it does suggest quite a few changes in circumstances (housing, vehicles and work responsibility) aside from tons more washing and sleepless nights. However, the deep thrill of being entrusted with such a gift like this from God is a constant deep joy. Anyway, ask again in 9 months if we still feel the “deep joy”!

We were planning on having a Furlough year, which is where we can take two extra months of leave to visit our dear supporters and home churches and take rest. There is a lot of uncertainty, and travelling whilst heavily pregnant is not fun we hear, so our plans will be altered. We will figure things out over the next few weeks and in our next letter we will let you know our plans. Sadly, it means we won’t see as many of you as we would have hoped.

Apart from this, we have had a good time in YWAM. In general things are going well. Some new staff have arrived and are coming. There is one person in particular you could pray for: please pray for Marina (from Eastern Europe) to get her Visa to come to Brussels. Please pray for her safety too just now.

Be in touch soon!

Kevin and Nicki

Diary Dates:

  • 5th – Kevin starting leading 6 weeks of Greenhouse Café training
  • 6th – Kevin taking a Vineyard house group meeting in French
  • 29th March – YWAM Belgium Alumni day for all DTS graduates living, at the moment, in Belgium
  • 31st March – 4th April – Kevin and team at the Western European Leadership Consultation in Holland.
  • 7th April – YWAM Belgium staff day away together

Prayer Points

  • Pray for Nicki’s health and that she gets plenty of rest. She would love to feel less sick too!
  • Pray for wisdom as our family circumstances change
  • We are currently trying to sell our house in Plymouth (varied reasons). Please pray it will be vacant soon and we get a quick sale! (Let us know if anyone is interested in buying!)

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