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News from the Colyer 6

Dear All,

This newsletter is a funny one to write as there is not much YWAM news but a lot of family things to talk about. Following our last letter Nicki has been incredibly tired with the pregnancy and sicker than I have ever seen her! Life has got rather grim over the last 5 weeks; twin pregnancies are heavy and in Nicki’s case that is no joke! However, now that the pregnancy has reached 14 weeks things are improving rapidly and Nicki seems to be getting better day by day!

A few weeks ago we needed to nip to hospital as there was a slight problem with one of the placentas causing some bleeding. Nicki needed some extra care for a week or so as she rested and took medication. The placenta is perfectly fine now and we had a joyous time looking at the scans of the babies, one of whom was clearly waving at me (when not treading on its sibling’s head)! The babies are in perfect health and growing well. By the way we don’t know the sex yet, so please don’t assume Alfie and Betty will be boy and girl. Or even Alfie and Betty!

Special mention goes to all the people at St Paul’s and The Link who made us meals for a two week period. Wow, what a huge help.  We need the recipes now as it has motivated us to expand our menu! We promise to return the pots to you all in due course.

Talking about The Link, I had tasked myself with creating a short video to explain to the St Paul’s church better what our church plant is like. For various reasons I had a strict deadline, so the background noise and poor light were unavoidable. I will be putting some other videos together too that explain the church better for people seeking a church. Anyway I was very pleased with the result. Have a look yourself…

What I was thrilled about was how easily the people I interviewed explained themselves and how little jargon they used. I think we are achieving our goal of creating a church for ordinary people where they can (re-)discover the Christian faith in a warm and welcoming environment.  My next project will be to make a video of our work here in YWAM and all the different ministries!

Hawk-eyed viewers will spot another stop-frame animation in the video. Nicki, Sam, Ellie and I took an hour one Sunday to work on this. It was hard work as the camera kept draining the batteries and needed changing which causes jerks etc. But Sam made the Lego letters and we all took turns removing one brick and clicking the camera.

Creativity is blossoming in Ellie too, when she is not ballet dancing (she is getting good) she has now turned her hand to creating Authentic Antique Treasure Maps! She insisted that she needed some old teabags and then started to wipe them over various maps she and Sam had drawn. The end result is very good, although one tip I would suggest is to not use the back of old emails to do your antique maps on as the ink soaks through and spoils the antique look a bit!

That is it for this month. It is more of a family catch up. There will be more YWAM news next time I hope!


Kevin and Nicki

Prayer points

  • Thanks for the increasingly good health for all
  • Sam and Ellie continue to enjoy school and grow and develop
  • For the continued growth of the Link and for many to find faith there
  • For all the many things we must do in YWAM and the ongoing ministry

Diary Dates

  • End of March – Health permitting, Nicki to visit Stroud with the children
  • 30th March – 4th April – Kevin to the Western European Leaders Conference
  • 5th April – YWAM Belgium Alumni day
  • 7th April – YWAM Belgium Staff day

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