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June News – Brugge, Camping and more!

Dear All,

2008-06 Link camping weekend and our Brugge weekend (click for more)

The last few weeks have been as busy as any I can remember. I’m writing this on a Tuesday evening and normally at this point I would be downstairs just finishing the first talk of the evening for Greenhouse Cafe. I have really enjoyed this series of six evenings which I run with Agnes, my colleague and Calton who is the pastor of a local church here called the Well. The teaching series had two themes of Power and Prayer. Both were deeply engaging and I think that all the participants enjoyed themselves and made new friends while also being deeply challenged.

This month Nicki also finished work. This was a great relief for her as she was getting to the point that she realised that it was the time to stop. What has been wonderful is the way others have taken up responsibility for the roles she has played. So Nicki is now taking plenty of rest and trying to make the most of a very heavy pregnancy.

During the month we managed to pack in two days of office painting too. We now have a newly painted righthand-side of the offices and a clear plan for the lefthand-side too! We got that ready for our third Open Day. We had dozens of visitors and enjoyed catching up with them and explaining a larger picture of our work (have a look at our Annual Report 2007 – 7MB). I chaired the Annual meetings and Board meetings too which we need to hold due to YWAM’s legal status here as a not-for-profit organisation in Belgium. It was a bit stressful as the final accounts only arrived at 9:10am, just in time for the 10:00am meeting. Fortunately the accounts showed a pleasing picture! The bookshop in particular has turned over a bigger profit than last year.

During this time I have been promoted too. I am now the acting National Director for YWAM Belgium. Jan-Piet, the previous Director, decided he needed to step down and it was decided in the board meeting that I would take on his role. Of course, as at the moment I am expecting a 50% increase in family numbers that is not great timing for me, however the plan is that I would do a minimal job until May 2009, when I can devote more energy to it. This was all approved, for which I am grateful. But I am pleased with my new role. I will need to study some Dutch now! More vitally I still need to delegate more of my job here to free myself up. So please pray as we work this out as a team!

In amidst this we had a number of great family visits as my family arrived over 3 weekends. Sam and Ellie also squeezed in a weekend holiday from Mummy and Daddy when they stayed with some friends. We went for a weekend in Brugge!

Our time in Brugge was wonderful. It is a hidden gem in Belgium and a truly stunning city. We joined the throng of tourists and spent our time pottering about by foot and boat. It was a refreshing time for Nicki and I and we feel a lot saner for it! The pressures have been getting to us over the months. Our house is still not vacant and thus we can’t start the sale process. This is exceptionally vexing. Also Nicki’s pregnancy is a heavy one and that has a knock on effect in our family. All the changes at work have been pressing too. The good news is that our long summer furlough break is coming, along with the twins at the end of it (and not sooner, we hope!).

We had another fabulous weekend away with The Link as we had our third camping weekend too. It was great. We chose to rent a cabin this time as Nicki was not excited about camping this year for some strange reason. It was a rich and deep time. The Link is in for lots of changes as the current Chaplain Sean is moving back to England for another Job. We will miss Sean and Helen, along with Anna and Joel greatly. It places the church into a vulnerable position but it is also thrilling to watch how God is prompting all the members into service in the church. We have a lot of support from the mother congregation too and a great chaplain there who will be overseeing things.

Our plans for our furlough have changed a lot since we (rather presumptuously) announced them. I will not be visiting Manchester or London as hoped as I will need to make a trip to Plymouth for the house. However, even this is not clear or fixed yet as there still is a tenant in the house. Instead we will be taking the furlough as a time of rest and plan on spending lots of quality time on the phone and in writing instead. This is a poor substitute for face to face time which we would prefer to have but I hope you will all understand our current circumstances.

The twins are due… well anytime really, but the best time is from beginning of August till 1st September. Please pray for Nicki’s health and that the twins hold off till then!

Lots of Love,

Kevin and Nicki

Diary Date

  • 28th June – Start of Kevin’s furlough!

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