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No Babies Yet!

Dear All,

We are in the waiting phase… Yes that is right, the twins are not yet here and we are hanging on for them to come. According to the doctor the twins are ‘done’ and ready to come out, but nature needs to take her course. Nicki is as uncomfortable as ever and was practising some gentle aerobics today and contemplating the trampoline to give nature a little ‘shove’!

2008-08-01 Holiday photos in Wezembeek (click for more)

We are back in the apartment in Brussels after our wonderful house sitting stint. Ellie remarked today that she likes living in the country, as it is quieter and there are less bangings! (She is referring to a team of Korean Kings Kids who are in the visiting team’s apartment above us and were making banging noises on the ceiling!) But it is great to be back home.

Sam had his ninth birthday yesterday and had a marvellous time. After a massive brunch with our friends Markus and Leonie and family I took Sam and three friends to the fabulous Kessel-lo park for a picnic and lots of fun.


As we wait for the babies we have been communicating to supporters and doing some fundraising. We wanted to use this letter to explain what our needs are, as there may be some people reading this who would like to enter into financial partnership with us in our work.

We have some BIG thank you’s to say to all our supporters for so many years of faithful support. Please look out for a large letter dropping through your door right now! We have been working in YWAM now for nearly 17 years. Quite amazing really.

As we enter into the next phase, which will begin any moment with blood, sweat and tears(!), we have new challenges of feeding more mouths, driving a larger car, moving to a bigger house and becoming more stable. We know that a good strong support base helps us focus without distraction on the work we do in YWAM. We also know we need to make one of the largest increases we have yet seen in our YWAM careers.

You can find more information from the pages linked on the top right of our blog, plus we have the YWAM Annual report and a ‘Supporting Kevin and Nicki’ document we can send you via PDF too. Basically due to the decline of the Pound to the Euro, plus the need to move to a larger accommodation and general increased expenses we will need to raise another 1,000 Euro a month.

We would really like to ask all of you reading this to prayerfully consider whether God would like you to be a part of this. A regular monthly gift makes the biggest difference to us. (There is a way for UK tax payers to make their gift tax-efficient too.) Some of you are already supporters, and perhaps this would be a good point to reconsider your giving and God-willingly increase it? We just simply wish that you hear clearly from God his prompting. He has looked after us so far through all our wonderful supporters and will continue to. We are certain of that! We will keep you all informed in the next letter how it is going. We have had so much help and gifts towards the twins we are extremely thrilled and amazed at God’s ability to provide through his people.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please email, call or Skype if you want to know more about supporting us, to ask questions or chat. The next time I write I will be telling you all about the twins! Please keep praying for a safe delivery and that Nicki will quickly regain her energy and pizazz!


Kevin and Nicki

One comment on “No Babies Yet!

  1. Hi,

    We are really exited about the twins and hope you have safe delivery pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssseeeee put a pic on your site we neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to see them. Hi to Sam and Ellie (cos your cool,)how are things going, are you ok

    Love the Pugh’s

    (Written by Steph);-)

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