The Twins are here!

2008-08-19 Birth of Luc Joseph and Joshua John Colyer (click for more and bigger pictures)

Dear All,

After what has seemed like the longest pregnancy in history the boys have arrived!

Please welcome Luc Joseph Colyer, born 1:40am, 19th August 2008, 2.515 Kg (5lbs 8oz) 48,5cm (19″) and Joshua John Colyer, born 1:46am, 2.620 Kg (5lbs 12 1/2oz) 47.5cm (18 1/2″)!

They are perfectly healthy and happy and have their mother’s nose. We had the whole delivery ward to ourselves and the most wonderful care. Nicki has been a model mother and gave birth after a short labour with an excellent delivery. Everyone was impressed, except the doctor perhaps, who got his shoes soaked by Joshua’s waters!

We will keep you all posted but it all looks very good. Please click on the photo for more pictures.


Kevin, Nicki, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Joshua.

PS You can pronounce Luc however you want (‘Loook’, the French way, or Luke, the English way)

PPS For the Bruxellois, Nicki is in clinic St Michel, Room 314. Visiting hours are 14h30 to 19h30.

3 comments on “The Twins are here!

  1. Congratulation with those two wonders!!!
    They are amazing, beautifull and a blessing for Dad Kevin, Mom Nicki and brother Sam and sister Ellie!!!

    We will visit you so we can see your beautifull new born baby’s Luc and Joshua!!

    With love, Wim, Tanja, Maren, Sara, Silke and Anne-Ruth.

  2. Congratulations!
    You must be amazingly proud with such beautiful sons and brothers! We are looking forward to see them and you soon!
    Patrick, Mariëtte, Joëlle and Manouk

  3. Horray!!! Welcome to the world, Luc and Joshua. We are so pleased for everyone at their safe arrival. Can’t wait to meet the new arrivals.Get ready Sam and Ellie, you are going to be a super older brother and sister to these precious gifts. Nicki, good job mommy! What a wonderful sounding birth. Kevin, congratulations, looks like you’ve got two more little Kev’s coming home. Lots of love, Mark, Jodi, Timmy and Imogen

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