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News from the Colyers- babies, bliss and boats

Dear All,

There is so much to talk about this time I had better be quick! For us the most wonderful news is that of how Luc and Joshua have been getting along. And the short answer is wonderfully. They are healthy, their growth is on track and they are very content. Nicki and I sit there thinking how great it is to have two babies and how weird it would have been if we had only had one! The boys are really very good. They do have some interesting moments when they grumble, groan, moan and grimace for England. But they are generally easy babies and in a good routine. Surprisingly the nights have not been too bad which keeps us sane!

September 2008 Photos and video too!

Sam and Ellie continue to dote on their brothers almost as much and Nicki and I do. Both of them are immensely proud of Luc and Josh. The first and last thing at night for them is checking on the boys. They have both adapted really well to the changes.

We have been showered with cards, gifts, wonderful meals and baby clothes. Thanks so much. My particular favourite are the NASA baby boots that we were given! Financially we have much to thank God for as we have had many one-off gifts that have helped immensely. We are also seeing an increase in the regular monthly giving which is going to make a long term difference. Thanks to all. We are also pleased to say our house is nearly sold in Plymouth. Connells have been wonderful agents and their sensible advice meant we accepted an offer 10 days after putting the house on the market. We frequently feel a sense of God around us graciously making lots of things go with ease just now. It is a tender feeling and we are grateful for it!

I (Kevin) have found getting back into work surprisingly easy. I guess I expected more problems to have arisen over my summer absence but alas all is calm! I have two new leaders working with me: Jorien Creemers and Mariette Brandes. It is early days but they both bring energy and vitality into YWAM here. Generally all is going well. We have some new staff and the ministries are all doing well. It is good to see akaZOE doing well after its summer break. Christel, from Holland, has joined the team. She is a really talented singer and pianist and brings much enthausiasm to the team.

I have been catching up on a number of projects that have been planned for some time. We held our first Alumni day for all graduates of YWAM DTS’s who are currently living in Blegium. We will have to hold another one in the future as the day was great and very encouraging. It was fascinating to see what these local people are involved in and that they still have a sense of strong association with YWAM. It was especially good to run a day where so many people went away refreshed and inspired to serve God in their daily lives. I also popped out to a weekend of discipleship training for young people run by Jorien from  our team here. She has gathered a great group of young people eager to learn more clearly how to go about the practical business of living for Jesus 100%! To top it all off we have had a team from an Australian DTS here for two weeks doing all sorts of outreach in Brussels.

As things really are going well work and family-wise, we have decided that we will come and visit the UK during the half-term holidays. We are planning a quick trip to Plymouth (25th October to  28th then to Stroud for the end of the week). But the exciting bit is that we have heard that the YWAM sailing ship the S/V Next Wave is visiting Plymouth from Saturday 18th to Monday 27

s/y Next Wave

s/y Next Wave

th October. If you have not seen the Next Wave or heard about her ministry of Training and Evangelism then you will enjoy her visit to Plymouth! Especially as she will be berthed in Sutton Harbour, and will look magnificent there. There is tons of info about the ship at the YWAM Marine Reach site and there is also an opportunity to sail with the ship. It is a great project that we have been supporting from Brussels as much as we can.

However, there is a VERY SPECIAL invitation to ALL of our supporters to come on board for a special reception with Nicki and myself. We welcome you all on Saturday 25th October between 7.00pm and 9.00pm for a time on board. We would love to have time to meet with you all, explain how our work is going and explain about the Next Wave too. There will be a little tour of the ship as well as drinks and nibbles. Please come if you can make it as we only have a few days in Plymouth and our wonderful colleagues on the Next Wave (thanks Captain Brian!) have kindly given this opportunity to re-connect to our supporters. If this was not enough we also plan to bring Joshua and Luc who will growl and grimace for your pleasure and entertainment!

If you would like to come then please RSVP to kevinandnicki@thecolyers.net and we look forward to seeing you there!


Kevin and Nicki, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Josh

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