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Latest Colyer News

Dear all,

Finally we are getting back in touch with you all! Time certainly flies by at the moment as we juggle ministry and family life, but thankfully things are settling into a routine again!

October was extremely busy for Kev. Now that he is The National Co-ordinator for Belgium he has a number of new responsibilities. He is overseeing the Kortrijk team and also the Kerygma team. This mostly happens as a part of the new National Leadership Team and Kev has been working at building that team. As well as that he needed to fly to Malaga, where his new line leader lives for a meeting of all the Western European leaders. It was good to meet with other team members and he also got to hear about the church that his new boss, Stephe, has been planting with his wife Rite and friends. There are a couple of video interviews you might like to watch to find out a little more about the excitement of church planting!

He has also been forming a new leadership team in Brussels consisting of himself, Jorien Creemers and Mariette Brandes. It is coming together well and they are enjoying the experience of working closer together. He has also managed to squeeze in a couple of Dutch lessons here and there.

Visit to Plymouth and Next Wave and more!

Kev had to go back to Malaga a week later for another initiative he has been part of; the New Teams Network (more videos). This gathering was to support all those in YWAM who are starting new evangelism teams or initiatives and would like to work together to support each other. It was very exciting to hear of projects in Vallencia, Milan, Carlisle, Leeds, Paris etc. and to really give people a huge encouraging boost to keep going. A leader from Paris wrote about Jono, who came to Spain: “Jono a été complètement boosté par le temps à Malaga! Merci Kevin!” Kevin was really thrilled too.

Right after he got back it was into the car and off to Plymouth. It was wonderful to see many of you during our trip. The evening on “The Next Wave” was a great success and thank you to all who made that possible for us. We were really blessed to be able to stay in a lovely house owned by members of St Judes Church. It was great to have a spacious house to ourselves that we could also invite people back to and was only 2 minutes walk from the church. It really felt like a holiday. It had been far too long since we had all been in Plymouth so it was great to introduce Luc and Josh and catch up on news. Being able to visit the Next Wave was also really inspiring for Sam and Ellie who were both able to give tours by the end of the evening reception!

We are so sorry to all our friends in Stroud as we had to change our arrangements for visiting. My grandmother (last grandparent) took a turn for the worse just prior to our visit so we changed our plans and came early leaving Sam and Ellie in Plymouth. We had chance to pray with her and she said some very special things to us which we will treasure. She had been very ill for many months with cancer and was not expected to live much longer than Easter. However, she was determined to see the twins and so held on to meet her latest great-grandchildren. She passed away just a few days after our visit. We were so grateful for that special time with her and for her precious example of a faith in God. Because the earlier visit meant more travelling we decided to stay on in Plymouth after our return so we could rest. We discovered that travelling as a family of 6 can be exhausting (it took 15 hours to get back to Brussels!) and we needed the rest! Once again, sorry that we missed seeing everyone in Stroud and we hope to visit some time soon in 2009.

The twins are doing wonderfully well. They are starting to sleep for 8 hours now, for which we are grateful! They are charming their way across Europe and stopping people in their tracks when they go out in the buggy. We are so pleased at how Sam and Ellie are daily building a fun relationship with them and inventing games they can play with their younger brothers. Sam and Ellie are also doing really well at school. Sam is once again achieving 15/15 in his spellings and Ellie recently had a glowing report too.

One more pressing prayer request is for our hunt for a new home.  Getting out with the babies is getting more difficult due to our many stairs to the apartment and rarely being able to park nearby.  They have also been sleeping in the same cot in our room but are VERY quickly outgrowing that!  So we are starting the big hunt for a new place that will be more suitable.  Please pray we find somewhere ASAP which we can afford!

There is always so much to write about but that is it until next time!


Nicki, Kevin, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Joshua

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