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Christmas Greetings

Dear All,

How quickly the weeks have shot past as we approach Christmas! I hope you are feeling ready to enter this wonderful festival time and enjoy worshipping the one who is the real purpose of the season.

After the past few hectic months in YWAM we have had a slower month here in Brussels. I think I was ready for it. I have been working with my leadership team and enjoying that very much. Mariette and Jorien are very capable and positive people, making them a joy to work with.

December in Brussels (click for more)

Much has been happening in our family world as we have had weekend visits from Nicki’s mum and partner and also my dad and sisters. It has been a lot of fun to see everyone and we have been frequent visitors to the Christmas market in the city centre. This year both our skating and the weather has been better leading to many magical moments together and less wet trousers.

Sam has been performing in his school pantomime as both Town Crier and Postman (a “First Class Male”) and diligently learnt his lines. He really enjoys acting and I am sure we will see more of him up on stage in the future. Ellie took the staring role of Mary at the Link nativity but was slightly upstaged by Luc who was Jesus. (Joshua was understudying Luc as he was grizzling away in my arms!). Now school has finished for both of them they are looking forward to a good break, roast dinners, Wallace and Gromit and skiing in Germany!

You might have missed that last bit, but we have been invited to stay in Germany over New Year with our long time friends Markus and Leonie. Their house is about 8 hours drive from here and they are only about 45 mins from German ski slopes. We are thrilled as we know how much Sam and Ellie love snow and it has been a longing of Sam’s for many years to ski. So we get a few days there together and resting with Markus and Leonie and their kids.

So we hope to recoup much energy over the Christmas break. We hope you too get much rest and enjoy the peace of the season too. This year has been a roller coaster of emotion with the difficult pregnancy, the anticipation of the twins and the great excitement of their arrival.

We couldn’t ask for better babies. We are stunned and grateful for the way they are easy to manage, sleep the night through and radiate smiles! They are a constant source of cuteness around us, which keeps us going when we get tired.

All the very best from us. We hope to see more of you all this coming year but we feel very much in touch with all the cards, thoughts and presents everyone has given over the last year.

Kevin, Nicki, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Josh

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