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We’ve found a house to rent!

Dear All,

24 Rue Thomas Vinçotte

24 Rue Thomas Vinçotte

Having grown unexpectedly to a family of 6 we realised we were bursting at the seams in the apartment in the YWAM Building. Well after talking about it for a long time we have now found a place to live! Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement to keep looking.

Vital statistics: 4 bedrooms (we are going to make the dining room a lounge so that the upstairs lounge can be used as a bedroom!), a small yard, laundry room and another basement room (a den for Kevin!) even a basic garage just next door. It is thin, narrow and tall (on 5 floors) and in need of modernising and some love, but nothing we can’t deal with for a tenancy for 3 years. It is 2 km from the YWAM office and the schools are roughly halfway in between the new house and the office. It is just in the right area we think.

The backyard. Small but you can put a sandpit or two in it.

The backyard. Small but you can put a sandpit or two in it.

All going well we will be able to have it from the 15th March, probably moving sometime in the week following. The address is 24 Rue Thomas Vinçotte, 1030 Brussels. You can see the house on Google Maps.

We have been blessed for the last 5 years with a reduced rent in the YWAM building and also no utilities bills. Our new financial challenge is to take on the new rent and bills!

This is where you come in! We need your help to make this move so that we will have a secure family home in the city now our needs have changed!

During our summer fundraising we were so thrilled to have new support and increases in old support. Yet, the plummet of the pound has wiped out all of the gains we received for now. We also have some new Euro supporters that have come along though which is great.

Our new house will be 950 Euros plus 250 Euros for utilities (1200 total). Our current rent is 650. We have gained about 150 in extra Euro support and a pledge for 100 more just recently. That leaves a gap of 300 Euros to go. Can you help us bridge that gap? Just three houses below!


We’ll be in touch with more news soon.

We’re very excited!

Kevin and Nicki

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