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News from the Colyers (at last!)

Dear All,

I have finally found time to write about the last few weeks. The biggest event for us as a family has been the move! Yes, we are in a new place, with a new phone number and we are re-connected to the internet. We have felt out of touch with everyone, but now we are settled we can get back in contact again!

2009-04-18 trip to Stroud at Easter

We are now renting a tall and skinny house, about two kilometres north of the YWAM centre in the district of Schaerbeek. The address is 24 Rue Thomas Vinçotte, 1030 Brussels. The new phone number is +32 (0) 2 304 6924. Please call! The email address stays the same, as does Skype. The move has gone really well, thanks to some fabulous help from Kevin’s mum, friends and team members. In fact we had so many offers for help we felt really bad turning people away! It is great to have such a broad network of people around us who love to help! The move went without a hitch and the only breakage was a small figurine of Ellie’s. (Yes, there were tears!) We love the new place, the extra space and the new neighbourhood. It is somewhat Turkish around here.

Some gifts are still coming in but it looks like we have met our financial target that we set. Thanks to all our generous supporters who have helped us in this way. It really has made a difference to us. We also hope it will inspire other team members in the YWAM centre to take a leap of faith and move out too. Our apartment is already filled with single people sharing, who previously were living on the top floor of the base. This is great and the top floor space they have left is being filled with new staff members.

Yes, the YWAM work is going very well too. We have had a number of single staff join recently. Daniel (from New Caledonia) is here short term working in counselling and in the bookshop whilst Frankwin (from Holland) is long term joining Patrick and Mariette doing youth work and evangelism. Willen and Marina Nel have also moved to Brussels to work with the Kerygma Team. They will be aiming to start fellowships amongst Muslim people. We love seeing the team expand like this. The fresh dynamics that are brought to the team really revitalise us! We are hoping for more. Please pray that those staff in process will have no blockages to hold them back from coming (particularly in the area of visa’s).


One of the more exciting moments happened the other day when Kevin was passing through the bookshop after posting a letter (what a thrilling life he leads!) when he realised that Richt Jan was in the process of selling a Bible to a man and was also explaining where to start reading it. Kevin decided to stay a while to help other customers so Richt Jan would have the time to talk to this man as he was clearly exploring faith seriously. After a little while the man left. Richt Jan explained that he was in fact a Muslim, who wanted to read about Jesus (revered as the Prophet Isa to Muslims) from the bible himself. We prayed for him right then. It turns out that the bookshop team have been praying daily for Muslims and this man was the third who has come in since they started praying. It has almost never happened before in the long history of the shop!

We look forward to chatting, skyping or emailing you soon!

Take care,

Kevin, Nicki, Sam, Ellie, Luc, Josh

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