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What we were doing all summer when we could have been writing blog posts

Dear everyone,

It is hard to know where to begin as we reflect back on a great summer. We mainly spent it in Brussels as a family although we did manage a quick trip to the UK for one week. In some ways the summer months are slower paced and yet when we think back to all that happened it doesn’t seem that much quieter!

This year we were delighted with the outreach that YWAM was involved with. Summers are key times for availability of young people and this is the time of year that YWAM had its origins in. So summer time is always looked upon with expectation. This year was no exception. The Go Team from West Flanders sent 30 Flemish young people to 5 nations for a month of life-changing outreach. In Brussels ‘Team Contrast’, hosted a total of 80 people who came from all over for evangelism in Brussels. The largest group was 50 Korean King’s Kids, the participants from 6 to 16 in age, and leaders a-plenty with them. They certainly shook the place and took every opportunity to get out into the city transmitting the Love of God to others often in many non-verbal ways. It is hard to explain, but a very wonderful to experience.  Other teams came. One bold team from Finland from time to time prayed for people they met on the streets in their evangelism. One girl on crutches with a painful ankle was instantly healed after the team prayed, causing quite a stir! It was a great summer and one that we pray will be built on for the future.

Summer 2009 – click for more photos!

One great thing to be involved in as a whole family was the VBS (Vacation Bible school). This huge holiday club is a joint venture by International Baptist Church, St Paul’s and The Link. We have done this in previous years and Ellie and Sam now consider it a MUST in the annual calendar. It was a week jam packed for the 5-11 year olds with Bible stories, songs, games, crafts, small group time, memory verses and challenges. In total 180 children/teenagers were involved including the crèche and graduates (11-16 year olds).

Nicki was able to assist Jane on the music station teaching the children songs and dances. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and will especially treasure memories of many children jumping up and down shouting “you’re powerful” to God!

Kevin was leading the graduates programme and really enjoyed the week, particularly seeing the teenagers coming alive to God and being empowered in leadership. They had two sessions a day specially tailored for them and then they helped out on one of the stations or assisted a crew leader. The highlight for Kevin was on the Thursday when more than eight of them stood to rededicate themselves to Christ. Please pray for them as they go back to family, school and church life that their new found enthusiasm for Christ will continue.

Luc and Josh experienced the VBS for the first time and celebrated their first birthday with the other children in the helper’s crèche. The first few days were a little difficult for the boys (and their mum!) as they took in the new surroundings and programme but by the end of the week they were doing really well and dancing along to all the songs!

So it is now back to school for Sam and Ellie and all the staff have returned from their holidays. Nicki is looking forward to working more with the mothers and babies programme for Alternative’s and Kev will be looking after the boys once a month as she leads the discussion/support group with the women. There are lots of staff arriving just now at the base and a couple of staff have left. We are anticipating about 4-6 new people coming over the next few months. Please pray that they all settle in!

Well, that is more than enough news for one letter but we look forward to telling you all about the new staff who are joining us in the next letter! Check out our website for another post full of movie clips of the twins in action.


Kevin and Nicki

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