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Nicki much better!

Dear All,

Thanks for the many prayers, calls and emails over the last few weeks. Nicki is starting to get much better. She has mobility again and the pain has decreased in her knee so that she no longer needs painkillers. It has been quite surprising but none the less appreciated! We went for the doctors appointment on Friday. He looked at the MRI scan, checked the analysis of the fluid drined from her knee and the blood results and was satisfied that there was no serious problem with her knee. In fact he explained that Nicki has probably had an “unexplained swelling of the knee” which can happen from time to time and may not be connected to the serious throat infections. She has a final appointment with a Rheumatism specialist to rule out any problems there, but the Doctor seemed confident in her progress. She will start 9 sessions of physiotherapy on Monday (which Nicki hopes will include the massage bed she enjoyed when pregnant!).

So it is the all clear really. Let’s chalk this result up to God – there have been so many people praying for her and us all.

She is daily improving which is a great relief to us all, especially Sam and Ellie who were understandably getting a bit worried. Kevin’s mum has been fabulously helpful and without her we wouldn’t have got through the last weeks. Kevin is now on compassionate leave until January to make sure Nicki gets 100% fit. This is helpful for him too as trying to juggle work and home at this time has been very taxing. Phew!

So to cheer us all up here is a little video for you. We have been trying to catch Joshua dancing on video for a while, as he is such a groovy mover, particularly when he swings with trousers about. This is the best we have in time for this email though.

Till the next time, thanks for praying, have a good Advent!

Kevin and Nicki

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