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News from The Colyers in Brussels

Dear Friends,

It is a new year and a new decade! And a time when we often start new things. We are starting a new routine in the Colyer house which involves one day a week Kevin and Nicki changing roles as he stays at home with Luc and Josh and Nicki heads into the YWAM base. After Nicki was so ill just before Christmas we realized that, although she is loving being with the boys, she needs at least one break from being with them each week.

So what sort of things does she do on a Thursday? Once a fortnight is the Alternative’s Mothers and Babies meeting where ironically she ends up cuddling other people’s babies! Nicki had found that leading discussions and fully participating in the group was increasingly difficult with the twins there as well. It is now great that she can sit, without distraction, and have a coffee with the ladies and hopefully bring some encouragement and support to their various situations (some of which are heart wrenching.) They all ask after Luc and Josh though so from time to time she will bring them in. After the meetings finish or on the weeks when they are not on, she works in Kevin’s office to do some language study or preparation for the meetings. Having Agnes on hand to help with French has been great.

One week Nicki was also required to help with “Alternative” appointments as the team member who usually does it was ill. Even today she could meet pastorally to pray with two members of the team and of course have time to write. Finally, she is thrilled to have a lunch break where she can wander slowly through the shops without a double buggy! This may all sound busy but Nicki thrives on the variety and gains much more time to “think”!

Please can we ask you to pray for one lady from Alternatives. We will call her M. She continues to come to meetings and seems to find some support here for her extremely sad situation. She began coming to the Mothers and Babies meetings when she discovered she was pregnant during an appointment. She is from Guinea and lives alone (although the father of the baby is around). She has another child in Guinea whom for various complicated reasons she hasn’t seen for a number of years. Unfortunately, this new baby at birth was very poorly and died at just fours days old. There are question marks regarding whether the hospital was at fault and M is convinced it was a particular nurse who was at fault and so is channelling all her grief and anger towards her. She carries around with her the photos of her dead little girl in her arms. We shared with her last week that we were praying for her which she appreciated but she said she doesn’t want to go to church when God “allowed such a thing to happen”. Please pray that we can convey God’s love and compassion in her situation.

Finally, we want to thank you all for your prayers for Nicki’s health following various throat infections and problems with her knee. she still has occasionally aches and pains in her leg and knee but she is overall so much better. The hospital is still carrying out tests and the Rheumatologist thinks it was most likely a very nasty virus but he still wants to eliminate other things that could have caused symptoms. She will have another MRI scan and more blood tests in a week. Please pray the results are good (and that Brussels does not run out of magnetic flux due to all the scans the Colyer family keep requiring!)


Kevin and Nicki, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Josh.

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