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April news from the Colyer Clan

Dear Friends,

Once again there has been a bit of a gap since our last update to you. It has been a little busy for us so we hope you don’t mind and know that we always appreciate your prayers for us. Thank you!

So what has been happening?

Spring 2010 - kids and dublin, click for more!

Sprint 2010 photos - kids and Dublin, click for more!

On the team we are very pleased to announce that Maryna has finally joined us from Belarus after a two year battle for her visa. It has been quite a spiritual battle to see her way made clear to come here and no doubt because the Lord has great works for her to do here. Her official title is Researcher in Religious Freedoms Rights Violations and she will be both writing briefing material (on a wide variety of social and justice issues too) as well as visiting the European Institutions including Parliament from time to time. The long term aim is to raise awareness of the increasing restrictions Christian’s are facing in Belarus (see http://democraticbelarus.eu/node/8664 for a recent case). Please pray for her, that doors will be opened and God’s Kingdom will increasingly come in her precious homeland.

“Team Contrast” (the evangelism and outreach team here) have been busy hosting teams from America, Holland and all over the place. Following on from ministry in the bar, the team have also started a Friday night Alpha type course which they have called Link (NOT to be confused with our church that we go to!). It is now into it’s third week and they are thrilled to have seven very diverse participants coming along. Kevin spoke there last Friday and they persuaded him to speak in French on “Who was Jesus and Why did he Die?”. Please pray for them (even more now!), that the the Holy Spirit will work in their hearts and that they would receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Kevin also was asked to speak at another seekers course for the Well last month too on the same subject. He really enjoyed this!

Kevin was also busy with a conference in Ireland, which was a great time to meet with his peers in YWAM from Western Europe. The theme was on starting new teams in new cities and many of the teams and projects he has been championing and encouraging over the last few years were highlighted. We are both gratified that the team who went with him felt that they were very much on the cutting edge compared with the other things going on in YWAM in Europe. This is an encouraging morale boost as YWAM Belgium is one of the smaller YWAM works in Europe. Kevin has also recovered from the annual headache of preparing the accounts for the annual meeting as well as burglar proofed the office and base following a small break-in. There are also a number of staff ill at the moment along with new projects and developments that have taken up a lot of his time. But he is very positive about all that is happening right now.

In Alternatives the team all pulled together whilst Sheila was away on furlough in South Africa. We are all relieved that she has now returned! A few months ago we asked you to pray for M. Thank you so much for your prayers for her as she comes to terms with the loss of her tiny daughter. She came to the Mothers and Babies meeting just before Easter and although she was still showing the photos of her dead baby she had made significant progress. She has received an apology from the hospital (very rare!) and she said that this was really helping her in her own words to “let go”. She has also been receiving some counseling which she has found very helpful.

Finally, life for us as a family is going well although very busy with Luc and Josh at that lovely active and inquisitive age of 21 months! We are so enjoying being a a family of six but we have had to totally reassess what we are able to do as a family. For example, attending church as a whole family has proved challenging. However, we are all well and and sense God’s blessings in so many ways. Nicki gets the results of all the scans and blood tests at the end of this month. Her leg is still not a 100% but it is not hindering her from doing anything and overall feels so much better than before Christmas. Thank you for your prayers and we will let you know the results.

Thank you again for all your prayers, e-mails and financial gifts… we really do value you all.

Love from Kevin and Nicki, Sam, Ellie and Josh and Luc.

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