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October has come too fast…

Dear Friends,

How the weeks race by. It feels like it was just last week that we were on Holiday and now it is nearly time for the clocks to go back and to break out the winter woollies! The last weeks have gone by at a blur. We always have a number of really enjoyable moments in Autumn. We celebrate our anniversary, we enjoy “No Car Sunday” in Brussels (see the video) and also celebrated the fifth birthday of our church here, The Link! Great fun.

Luc and Josh keep us on our toes and amused at the same time. Josh seems to announce everything of importance at the top of his voice. He is also our fashion conscious son. He loves stripes and is really fussy about how his socks are put on. He is also mastering his Mad Scientist laugh! Woh Ha Ha Ha! They have to be just so. Luc keeps smiling and charming his way around people. He is always the first to fetch his shoes when we are going out and often when we are not going out! Thanks to one generous supporter we have been able to take them two mornings a week to the “Farandoline”. This is a French speaking crèche/toddler group for just the mornings and run by volunteers. The boys love it and apparently their behaviour is “impecable”. They are also learning their first French word: “doucement” (gently!) It is great for their confidence and fantastic for Nicki as she has more freedom for herself.

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Sam is in his last year in primary school. He is loving this class and the things they are doing. There is a spy theme this term and he was thrilled to crack a secret code with his Dad the other day. He and his class also followed the Chilean miners story closely. They built a life size rescue cage which was hanging in the school hallway. They also got to sleep in the Atomium as a class the other night! The rest of us are very jealous. Ellie is enjoying school too. She is working hard and getting on well in her class. She is loving Gym at the moment and has taken “multi-sport” as a club in the lunch times. She also can keep us with Sam in a game of football and gave the local boys a run for their money the other day.

Nicki has been investing her time into the boys, Alternatives on a Thursday and the children’s work at school. Mothers and Babies has started strongly this term and the room is packed with Mums and screaming kids. Nicki finds this a refreshing change from being at home, for some reason!

Kevin has been very busy dealing with a number of team issues which have been draining although seem to be producing fruit now. He has started a new leadership team which is already working well and allowing him to pass on much of the responsibility for the work in Brussels. He hopes that as the team develops he can spread his workload better and concentrate on areas that have been neglected.

Kevin went to Lausanne to celebrate YWAM’s 50th Anniversary (yes, there have been lots of celebrations this term!) He had a great time travelling there with the staff in the car, and enjoyed the event even more. One of the strongest themes to come out of the event was the enduring call as missionaries to “go and stand on the map” – as a sign of obedience to go to the country and people God is calling each one, to obey: “Go into all the world…” (Mark 16:15)

Till next time.


Kevin and Nicki, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Josh

PS We are absolutely delighted to let you know that Joyce Currer’s book, “Sons of Arcturus” is now available on Amazon. Joyce has been a long time supporter of ours. Kevin was delighted to typeset the book for her and publish it via Lulu. You can see the book on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

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