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April News from the Colyers

Brussels is full of beautiful blossom in the spring

Dear Friends,

It is finally Easter and all six of us are on holiday. It has been a long time in coming, has it been like that for you? We are relaxing before a quick trip to visit friends in Germany. Currently Brussels is very pleasant with plenty of warmth and sunshine and beautiful blossom everywhere…

What have we been up to?

  • Ellie was on TV! She was interviewed on a school trip to a book fair (about 1:16 in: link)
  • Nicki has been studying hard with the Alternatives team on the Post-Abortion counseling course. The training is in French and this makes her brain ache. However, Nicki and all the team are increasingly convinced that this will be a fruitful ministry here in Brussels.
  • Kevin has blasted through a mountain of finance work (something he does not enjoy at all) and passed YWAM through a Tax audit, the Annual General Meeting and a five year report for another Tax office. Huge thanks to the team who help him here: Richt Jan, Sheila and Agnes.
  • Luc seems to have an invisible mole friend who lives in a hole in the Garden.
  • Kevin has spent a lot of time with the team explaining and preparing for a transition our of his role as YWAM leader in Brussels and into a broader National role. This is all to happen in September and we will fill you in as we know more!
  • Sam captained Europe against Asia to victory in a school hockey tournament
  • Kevin has been working on Wednesday nights with a seekers group with the YWAM’s Team Contrast. He has been leading some nights, and coaching some of the other team members, one of whom we have just sent off on his DTS! Very exciting. Plus lots of nice food too!
  • Nicki spent a week at a seminar in Holland, which was very refreshing and instructive.
  • Josh is developing his singing voice. Vocals are a bit limited at the moment to “Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy etc.” but he is quite tuneful!
  • And a million other things too!

Richt Jan standing next to 450 French Bibles

One exciting story of what God is doing through different teams here in Brussels is about Richt Jan and the 1.50€ French bibles he sells in the bookshop. Richt Jan estimates that he has sold about 3,000 of these bibles over the last two years. That’s a lot of Bibles. Many are sold as gifts or for evangelism. We have recently been praying and pondering where they are and what is happening with them. Then we heard that Frankwin, from Team contrast, had taken a couple of gift wrapped bibles with him to the Central station outreach.  Every Thursday the team go there to worship and share Jesus with many people there. As he was singing and playing the guitar one lady who was walking past stood out to him. Sensing God’s nudge he got a team member to take a bible as a gift to her…

It turned out that the lady had been seriously seeking and searching for God over the previous weeks and was utterly amazed at being given a bible from a stranger. Just a cheap bible and a lot of sensitive obedience to God makes for a few miracles!

Till next time,


Kevin, Nicki, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Josh.

PS For more photo’s please click on the image below…

Click for more photos!

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