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A little prayer request…

Dear friends,

We just wanted to send out a prayer request as we really value your support.

Many of you have been aware that we have been applying to a secondary international school for Sam, needing to start from September. Sam recently had more psychological tests (taking 8 hours… phew!) confirming his diagnosis of having an expressive language disorder and ADHD. Despite his struggles he has done really well at school and has a great attitude but his psychologist has confirmed that he can only be educated in English and still requires much more therapy. Of all the international schools in Brussels she recommended St John’s to us. That was very encouraging, as it was the only one we were applying to, as it offers some bursaries to missionary children! St John’s has a good reputation and would be ideally suited for some of Sam’s learning difficulties with on site language and occupational therapists and school psychologists.

For over eight months we have been going through the process of applying for the bursary which has involved lots form filling, letter writing and “jumping through hoops”. We have now done all that has been required of us and we are just waiting for the outcome. We have been told there are limited bursary places and a number of people applying (although not told how many). The deadline for all the applications is tomorrow (30th April) and then the board will meet to discuss who will receive the places. We should know within two weeks.

Without the bursary Sam would not be able to go to the school as the fees, including therapy sessions, would be around 30,000 euros a year!

So, can we ask you to thank God with us that He has the perfect plan for Sam and indeed us as a family. We are praying for His will to be done… and are learning as a whole family to trust in our faithful God.

Many thanks and prayers for you all too!

love Nicki, Kevin, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Josh.

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