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What Kevin got up to last Saturday…

Kevin teaching at Receive the Power

Kevin teaching at Receive the Power

Dear Friends,

Last Saturday Kevin was asked to lead some workshops at a festival “Receive the Power”. This is how it went:

I went to the festival just outside of Brussels in the splendid May sunshine. There were six other staff there and I was thrilled to see them in actions, speaking, playing music, talking to the participants and generally serving in as they could. The festival is a preparation day for a couple of hundred young Flemish Catholics, who are going to go to join about a million other young Catholics in the World Youth Days in Spain this summer.

I was asked to speak on leadership and personality styles and was aided by Frankwin, who was an amazing interpreter. I have not worked with him like this before, and it was great! The poor guy had a challenging time as the workshop requires a lot of adjectives explaining personality preferences! Anyway, the twenty participants went away happy.

Marieke, Frankwin and Patrick perform at the Festival

Marieke, Frankwin and Patrick perform at the Festival

But it was I who was perhaps most pleased to see the team members so ably serving at the event and giving 100% all day. Yesoon, who is Korean, was speaking about how special the young people were to God. She has improved massively in her English now (and is working on Flemish and French) and I have coached her on preaching and teaching. So I was so thrilled to see her confidently teaching the young people. They were so taken with her that one group insisted on a group photo after her session with Yesoon in the middle!

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet of what we get up to!


Kevin, Nicki, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Josh

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