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News from Kevin and Nicki

Dear friends,

Since our wonderful news that Sam has his place at St John’s school, life has continued as “normal” for us which generally means one week is never the same as the next!

Click for more! Photo’s by JK

A highlight for Kevin in this past month was the YWAM Brussels open day. Many people from different nationalities and denominational backgrounds came through our doors to find out more about our diverse team and all that we do. As well as benefiting from the special offers in the bookshop people were able to relax in the bar, take a drink and listen to the band. Upstairs the offices were busy with displays and video clips showing the various ministries including the Alternatives counselling room and office. One addition to this year’s Open Day was the introduction of seminars in three different languages. Kevin kickstarted it with a seminar on friendship evangelism in French! It was really well received especially by some people from a Columbian church who have since asked Kevin to teach on the subject again in their church!

For Nicki, the highlight has been going into one of the European schools (children of families predominately working in the European union and parliament) to teach six classes on the issue of abortion and our approach to this in Alternatives. Misconceptions around this topic were addressed and we got them debating about when life truly begins. Through discussing various real life scenarios we challenged them to consider the issues men and women face around unplanned pregnancies and the possible implications of decisions made at that time. Many of the teenagers took leaflets with the Alternative’s details at the end of the lessons. Nicki is now praying about further opportunities to go into schools in the city.
Thank you for your prayers upholding us in our ministry,

Love Nicki

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