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Changing Gears – September News from The Colyers in Brussels

Dear All,

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Oh my! The days and weeks have flashed past since the last time we wrote. Our holidays were great – we even had one whole week without rain (nearly) and we reached the start back to school pleased by the break but wetter than we would have liked!

Sam and Ellie, Nicki, Luc and Josh had a fabulous time in the Vacation Bible School. Nicki worked as a group leader with seven wonderful kids under her and was thrilled when one of the girls made a first time commitment to follow Jesus. Sam was a first time graduate helper and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Kevin helped out a tiny bit, speaking to the graduates one day and being a part of the final Friday evening session and helping one of the kids to make a commitment too. A highlight was hearing testimonies from the kids of what God was up to: Sam also shared on how much God has helped him since his baptism by giving him more self-control. Wow.

From then we plunged instantly back into the return to school. Three boys starting new schools and Ellie entering a new class and level of intensity too. Ellie is doing well; she LOVES the increased Dutch she is learning and was back in with all her school buddies straight away. Luc and Josh have taken to school incredibly well. “Bikesssssss!” is how Josh describes it (because of the final play time). Luc likes his “big teacher” and wants to be known as “Luc-ey” at school. School is very demanding of them – they are coming back exhausted but happy. Sam is at St John’s International School and loving it. He leaves at 7:20 each day on the school bus (right outside our house!) and is back after 4.30pm. Long days for him, and getting himself organised, and learning the ropes is exhausting him. He has little energy for homework and can only grunt at us until he has had his tea! It has been a bit of an emotional roller-coaster ride at times but the care and attention given to Sam from the school has been excellent. He is very much in the right place. What an answer to prayer! Thank you all for praying for us and standing with us in this journey.

Kevin has completed the handover of his Brussels job to a team of four. He now has only one job to focus on: the YWAM Belgium leadership role. The new team are doing well and the process of passing on Kevin’s knowledge of the job has gone well. The  bulk of the information has been shared and each of the team has a hefty manual with oodles of interesting (and less interesting) information in it. There will be a little on going training and coaching over the next months. But in general Kevin will be keeping a much lower profile. It is gratifying already to see how this new team is rising up to take hold of the responsibilities and looking at how they can build and improve on what Kevin has already done.

Kevin and Nicki are not idle now though. We thought we would be, but we did not realise just how many extra visits to the new schools, back to term colds and coughs the family would get, and junk we would need to tidy in the basement (piles of low priority stuff that has been rightly neglected till now!). But we are enjoying having lunch times together, talking and praying more and generally feeling a gradual diminution of the pressure of twindom on our marriage!

We may even write the next newsletter a little sooner!


Kevin and Nicki, Sam, Ellie and Luc and Josh


  • October 3-7: Kevin in Malaga – Western European Leaders meeting
  • October 7-9: Nicki co-leading Alternatives Team Retreat (yes, the Friday is overlapping – please pray for that!)
  • October 14-16: Nicki away with Carol to Amsterdam for a weekend break!
  • October 22: Possible “Light Party” fun outreach event for 2-8’s
  • October 25: Kevin leading YWAM Belgium Board meeting
  • October 27: Kevin having four wisdom teeth extracted.
  • October 31-4 November: Kevin doing practical work on YWAM Building – repairing external walls 14m – 18m above ground!

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