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Autumn News from the Colyers in Brussels

Dear Friends,

Time to send a line or two to let you know what we have been up to over the last weeks. The kids have all be doing well with the exception of Ellie who had a tumble at school and has a mild fracture of her foot. She is hopping around on crutches but is fine. It was a surprise: we expected the boys to be the first to break something!

Ellie Hopalong Colyer and her two sidekicks, Josh The Sticks and One Shot Luc

Ellie Hopalong Colyer and her two sidekicks, Josh The Sticks and One Shot Luc

We are starting to slow down a little more and that is giving us more time to reflect, recharge our batteries and refocus on the coming seasons. Nicki’s time was taken up with a lot of extra meetings due to the new schools but now we both feel like we are on top of things for the first time in… well a few years! We took the time the other week to go together to deliver a cot to an expecting mother, a contact from Alternatives. It was good to work together, Kevin assembling the cot (IKEA can prepare you for a lifetime in missions!)  and Nicki chatting and drinking tea with the client. It was important to sit and take time to drink tea and chat and the lady was deeply touched with just some simple friendliness and sharing of our experience of being parents.

Kevin has been very much absent from the YWAM offices except for some occasional training sessions and a board meeting. The team threw Kevin a big party one evening to thank him for the 7 plus years of leading Brussels. It was a lovely evening, and we were both deeply touched and encouraged.

The main thrust of the next months is a short sabbatical for Kevin. The recent transition has been exciting but it is important for him (both of us, really) to take stock and gather our forces for the future. In addition to the National leadership role, Kevin has been thinking and praying hard about the other part of his future focus in promoting and planting new and relevant churches in Belgium. This season has felt like a time for letting go of a number of things, not just in YWAM and it has been like God has been gently re-arranging a number of pieces on his chess board. There have been several  “divine encounters” where God has brought people into Kevin’s path and connected him to others that seem strategic for the future.

Kevin has also signed on for his Dutch class (coming up in January) and started an online Evening School of European Studies. A colleague in the Netherlands runs this course and it is really inspiring. You are welcome to join  (even at this late stage)  it is really very good. Kevin has also joined the Kairos Course, a missions course  run over a couple of weekends. There are Kairos courses near you where ever you are.  Highly recommended! Kairos is an intensive, but deeply challenging study that looks at what the mission of God really is and how we can play our part in it. It has come at the right time when Kevin needs to refresh his understanding of missions as he ponders the future.

Till next time, love from all of us.

Kevin,Nicki, Sam, Ellie, Josh and Luc.

Diary Dates

  • 18-20 November – Nicki in the UK at the CareConfidential conference for Crisis Pregnancy Centres
  • 28 November – 1 December – Kevin teaching in Carlisle on the Discipleship Training School (on Relationships)
  • 25 December! Christmas Day – Celebrating in Brussels
  • New Year – visiting our friends Markus and Leonie in south Germany

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