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May News from the Colyers

Dear friends,

Four Children and It! (Click for more!)

In January Nicki returned to working more hours with Alternatives, the pregnancy crisis centre. Her intention was to support Clara the ministry leader. However, Clara, who has served in this role for two years, has felt it is time to move on. It is of course sad to say goodbye to Clara especially as she and Nicki get on very well but the good news is that in the long-term she will return as a volunteer. So of course this has meant a need to find new leadership. There hasn’t been one person who has the time to give to such a role but instead a leadership team was formed to share the load. Nicki has been working a lot in forming and strengthening this team and it includes three of the current volunteers. Already the leadership are showing great signs of working well together and feel encouraged about this new season ahead. It is also great that each person comes from different churches and countries. The official handover of the leadership will take place on 25th June but they are already transitioning into their new roles so please pray for them during this time (Nicki, Laure, Charlotte and Brigid).

In the meantime a training day was needed for new volunteers and to refresh and update the current team. Nicki and Charlotte worked together on planning the day. Charlotte will now be the one responsible for on going training. It was wonderful to have 14 new and current team members present for all or part of the day which included a presentation by a doctor and various sessions on counselling and listening skills. Two of the new volunteers have just started the practical “stage” of their training when they will be shadowing an experienced team member as they do appointments for pregnancy tests and talking through the options with women and often their partners.

“Mothers and Babies” continues to go from strength to strength and it was wonderful at Easter to give them all potted flowers and share what we believe as Christians. As 90% of the women attending the groups are Muslim this was a great opportunity. Meetings are held every two weeks and after a time of children’s songs discussions are held with the ladies. This year topics covered encouraging your child, eating healthily, safety in the home, reading with your child, looking after yourself and spending quality time with your children. The women are then able to take away bags of baby clothes or equipment such as cots or buggies.

On top of this Nicki is doing an intensive French course over the last few weeks and it will continue until the middle of June. This kind of ministry really requires a higher level of French especially when listening to women in distress, either on the phone or in appointments.  Please pray that her ability and confidence levels will increase in this area!

Love Nicki, Kevin, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Josh

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