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December News

They learn how to make and throw snowballs so young these days!

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Dear Friends,

It is my turn (Kevin) to write this month and I wanted to write about the family and tell you something more about “Pain et Vin”, the experimental church plant that Nicki and I have worked on for since the summer.

All of us are well at the moment aside from the winter sniffles and sneezes. Luc and Josh are happy at school. Their french is coming along nicely. Although this is always hard to tell as they, like Ellie before them, refuse to speak french at home. Their worlds are delineated between school and home! They are deeply into craft. Our house is awash with paper cuttings, and all forms of scribbling.

Sam has done well at school and was appreciated in his school play “Bugsy Malone“. He played Doodles and a comic Magician. He had the unique status of receiving the most custard pies in the face of any of the cast! Ellie continues to thrive at her school and always works hard. She has lots of homework which keeps her occupied. She is also a part of the school choir and looks like she will have a solo or two to perform.

Pain et Vin

Every two weeks on a Saturday or Sunday (and sometimes midweek too) we have welcomed people to our house to spend time together, to eat and to share bread and wine in an act of communion. That part is always at the very centre of what we do and keeps the whole time Christ focused and from being more that just a social gathering. We are never sure exactly who will turn up, but we generally have four to six people join us, different all the time! We have a number of international people but best of all we have been joined by one or two Belgians each time.

One such Belgian who has come along is Auguste. He was at a very critical point in his life and by chance (!) met the DTS team who were doing an outreach. In a rather roundabout way they connected him to me. We talked about faith and commitment to Christ and he felt that Pain et Vin might be what he had been looking for. Since then we have spent a lot of time together. It has been a great privilege seeing him respond to Christ. I feel like I have done nothing. Except be available and pray!

Prayer: we really feel the need for prayer in this venture like never before. Please do pray for us and Pain et Vin. We are so keenly aware that we need to see God acting in people’s lives, drawing them to him and changing them. It is not a matter of human persuasion or a nice meal! It is much more. We would love to hear from anyone who would like to  join with us and pray in more detail for Pain et Vin. We will be able to send out smaller prayer bulletins for you. Would you join us? We believe that there is much potential to spread Pain et Vin and to have many more little groups spring up. It seems to really work for people here and we want to see greater depth as well as more people touched. Would you join us?

That is all for this month. Have a wonderful Christmas and a great new year. We pray it will be full of all sorts of surprises!


Kevin and Nicki, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Josh.

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