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February News from Kevin and Nicki

Josh, Luc and Lulu share a moment

Josh, Luc and Lulu share a moment (click for more)

Dear Friends,

You may have wondered why you have not heard from us for a while. We are sorry for the lack of communication over the last few months but we have not had the best start to this year. Just before Christmas Kevin began to take a severe dip into depression, also experiencing panic attacks. Although having experienced bouts of mild depression over the years I have never seen Kevin at such at all time low and of course it has been hard for us all. The doctor consequently signed Kevin off work throughout January and he began a new course of medication, as well as Christian counselling and cognitive behaviour therapy. We have, however, been able to continue leading the small church plant “Pain et Vin” which has been a source of life and encouragement.

We are thrilled that Kevin is making a good recovery, as well as understanding himself more and some of the complex reasons why he has hit this difficult time. He has worked part-time for the past month, taking up some of his national role again.

It has definitely been a “pit experience” but it has made us ask some hard questions, particularly about our calling. Many of the aspects of the national role has not been easy for Kevin and so we are looking into how some changes can be made to ensure he is working to his strengths and indeed doing what God calls him to do. Of course this whole experience has also made us totally rely on God; we need Him more than ever.

Despite our incredible weakness at this time, God has graciously been doing some good things in our ministries but I will save some of those stories for another time. The nature of newsletters are that you tend to dwell on the positive stories of victory and success. This can often paint an unreal picture of super-Christians soldiering on for the Gospel. We are just a normal family, seeking to serve God, but increasingly aware of our human limitations.

We are so grateful for the support of our good friends around us and without their many prayers it would have been a different story. Thank you to you all. Please continue to pray for Kev’s full recovery. Praise God that the children are doing well despite all this and have really been enjoying Kevin’s presence more. I would also value your prayers as I have continued to lead the ministry of Alternatives throughout this time. I have been very conscious of the support of those on the leadership team who have carried more of the load. Praise God that as a family and couple we are closer than ever to each other and to Him.

Much love and gratefulness
Nicki, Kevin, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Josh

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