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February News from the Colyers (Part two)

Starting the packing!

Starting the packing! (these are the “to throw away” boxes of books)

Dear Friends,

Part Two

For our move to Reading we still have a lot to fall into place. Currently finding a house is the most pressing need. To identify with the community in Woodley we are praying for a house in a suitable location AND which will meet all of our needs as a family of six AND one we can afford! A tall order. We are confident God will work it out somehow, but at the moment there is nothing definite in sight which is a little scary! There are one or two irons in the fire which is encouraging but a lot now depends on the right house coming on to the market…

We would really value your prayers over the next few weeks and months. Ellie has a school place at the school of her choice and we are really thankful about this. We also need school places for the other three kids. Space is limited for the twins and we can’t make further progress until we have an address. So as we get closer to our moving date (8th April) please pray with us to continue to trust God! Last year when we were praying about the move we considered the story of Peter walking on the water. We can’t walk on water till we get out of the boat. We are almost out of the boat now so we will soon know what the water feels like beneath our feet! I know God has always been faithful in the past but our human nature is asking if it could be sorted out sooner rather than later!

What we are going to do in Reading

We have several things we are called to. We will be first and foremost YWAMers. We know God is leading us to be a part of the community in Emmanuel Woodley, to help start a new congregation there for 20-30 year olds. We will be focussing on the small group in the church who have a desire to plant this congregation and our prayer is to envision and empower them to reach out to the neighbourhood. As far as exactly what it will look like we don’t know yet, but our plan is go with listening hearts; listening to God, the church members and those in the neighbourhood and we believe out of that the vision will become clear.

Whilst doing this we will also be connecting with the new Reading YWAM team. Kevin will continue as the YWAM representative on the Fresh Expressions National Team. Kevin will also continue the process for Anglican ordination (a long drawn out process made more complicated by us moving from one diocese to another!) and has been promised that he can start some application form filling in June!

  • So we will be YWAMers…
  • Linked to the YWAM Reading team…
  • Kevin doing two days a week nationally with YWAM England for Fresh Expressions (that is quite a mouthful)
  • Both of us giving two days a week into Emmanuel Woodley to plant a young people’s congregation.

Of course circumstances change and we will have a clearer picture by May but we think this is the most likely way things will turn out.

In addition to looking for a new house, packing, finishing things here in Brussels we will also need to do a fresh round of fundraising. It seems like housing prices are at least 50% more expensive in Woodley than in Brussels. Lots of other costs will differ too, but we expect that we will need to raise more than we are currently receiving to move, especially as at the moment we have dipped into savings to keep us going. We need to raise about £600 to £1,000 a month extra (depending on rent and benefits etc) Kevin estimates. We will be approaching people shortly to see if they would like to become partners. Please pray for new and generous sponsors!

Love Nicki, Kevin, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Josh

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