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New Year News from Kevin and Nicki

Dear Friends,

Josh on a frosty day (click for more)

Josh on a frosty day (click for more)

We hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and we pray that 2015 will bring you closer to our amazing God and receive all He has for you.

I (Nicki) would like to start by thanking you all for your prayers and support throughout this past year. A lot has happened to us in 2014.Some things hard, like saying goodbye to very good friends and leaving Belgium which has become very dear to our hearts. Packing our home and making the journey across the channel whilst not having a moving date into our new home and the school places still uncertain, meant we were making a big step of faith. We would like to say we took it in our stride and were always confident in our God… ahem… of course we are human and had more than a few wobbles at times! We are so grateful for good friends, for the prayers of many who lifted us up when we doubted and carried us through so that we could truly say “our God has lifted us out of the slimy pit and set our feet on solid rock” Thank you for your part in helping us to transition.

Highlights from this past year include

  • working with our 20-30’s group IMPACT seeing them grow in faith,
  • running a 24/7 prayer week with IMPACT.
  • working with the YWAM Reading team running a weekly discipleship course
  • getting to know and building bridges with young families on the local needy estate
  • Kev’s work across the UK as the YWAM representative on the Fresh Expression’s team (helping them with fundraising and promoting and assisting fresh expressions of church throughout YWAM England).

Now we look ahead to 2015 with excitement and anticipation for what God will do through our own Fresh Expression, IMPACT but also across the UK as God breathes life in new ways to the church across this nation.

May we ask for your prayers though for an urgent prayer request for YWAM UK. For a few months now YWAM (along with other missionary agencies has been under investigation from UK immigration. Just under a week ago YWAM was notified that it’s visa status has been changed which means that in effect 350 YWAM staff in the UK are at risk of being asked to leave the country. YWAM has until the end of January to appeal the decision. This could have catastrophic effects on many YWAM training bases and teams. YWAM Reading could lose 4 of it’s 8 staff. As YWAMers we are called to a day of prayer and fasting on January 7th. Could you please pray us as we are reminded that “our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms”

For us personally we would value ongoing prayer for the touch of God on our ministry with IMPACT and the needy families in this area. Please also pray for Kev as the application process continues for Anglican ordination (three interviews in January alone!) He has heard that the final interview will be over three days in May called the “Bishop’s Advisory Panel”.

One final blessing though that we are incredibly grateful for, Kevin’s father has asked him to go with himself and his sister, Claire, to visit his other sister, Liz, and cousins in New Zealand/Australia! It was an out of the blue offer and quite a surprise but it will be a very special opportunity for them all to be together for the first time in many years. They will go for two weeks in February. Thank you God!

With much love and appreciation,

Nicki, Kevin, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Josh

Dates for this coming year

  • Keep praying for IMPACT meeting Tuesdays
  • Thursday 8th – 2pm Kevin’s Interview for Anglican church (Vocational, Pioneer Minister)
  • Wednesday 14th – YWAM Fresh Expressions day in Woodley
  • Monday 19th – Home Visit for Anglican church interview process
  • Monday 26th – Kevin’s Interview for Anglican church (Educational, Pioneer Minister)
  • Thursday 29th – Trip to Bristol to visit YWAM team there
  • Tuesday 10th – 24th February – Trip to New Zealand and Australia

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