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June News from Kevin and Nicki in Woodley

More photos click here

More photos click here

Dear Friends,

We were thrilled to realise that we could celebrate one whole year at 150 Kingfisher Drive! It is a great blessing for us to live here in Woodley in such a lovely place and in such a great house. In order to celebrate, I (Kevin) have moved into a caravan… for my new study! Nicki and I are still not ready for a caravan holiday, but after four years of having an office/study in my bedroom I have finally made a space out of an old caravan that I picked up cheaply on Ebay. Much to Ellie’s shock the mouldy green caravan has scrubbed up well on the outside and been transformed on the inside with some judicious demolition and two coats of white paint! Do pop in and visit.

The last few months have been a challenging for all of us, most especially Sam who’s chemotherapy has been intensive and exhausting. He has made very little school during this time. After a few weeks break from any treatment he has now started Interim Maintenance which is a lot lighter on him and we are hoping he will have opportunities to catch up on his education and social networks at school. We are just getting some tutors from the council and it looks like they will work out really well. They can offer two hours a day which will go a long way to bolstering the missing months of education. A more intensive chemo programme will start again in August.

Sam’s illness has dominated what we have been able to do. Nicki has been working on a reduced plan of outreach to the local mums. I have worked on smaller projects around and trying to reconnect with some Fresh Expressions work further afield. To be honest, we both feel like we have just managed to keep our heads above the water. Locally I have enjoyed covering some teenage youth work whilst Emmanuel seeks the new youth worker. I have established a contemplative prayer meeting called Just Be which is growing nicely. This is the second prayer group – the first one in Brussels is still going I am delighted to report! In addition we have both managed to keep on meeting people and doing one-to-one work.

IMPACT has been going on well. We have enjoyed eating together and had one or two more people come and join. We are doing some surveys of young people in the area to more keenly understand the needs and pressures they are facing. Already some ideas are starting to appear on how we can reach out more to this age group!

Following my successful Anglican minister selection interview I am sorting out the training with the colleges and looking into the funding of these next three years. In the next update we will be able to give more details about this exciting new phase for us both, which will hopefully also involve Nicki partaking in some training with CMS too (Church Missionary Society). We will be writing in more detail very soon to all our financial supporters to talk through the financial implications.

The twins are doing well. They love school life, and have managed to catch up, which considering they were about 18 months behind is a great achievement and huge relief! Sadly, they have lost all their French, but only a few of their teeth. Ellie has completed her first GCSE in French and has also won an award for her science – most improved student (having hardly ever studied science in Belgium!)

That’s it for now.

Lots of love,

Kevin and Nicki, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Josh


  • Keep praying for Sam, especially the emotional impact of being so unwell and our of the social loop of his friends at school.
  • Pray for the other kids that they would not feel neglected in this time of intense focus on Sam.
  • Pray that Nicki and I will find a new balance and fresh energy as we focus locally and prepare for the next three years.
  • IMPACT: that it would grow outwards in numbers just as it is growing in depth


  • 12 July – Nicki speaking at Emmanuel
  • 25 – 31 July – Sam, Ellie and Nicki have a break at New Wine
  • 7 – 14 August – Family Holiday at New Wine
  • 29 – 31 August – Nicki and Kevin weekend away (Farewell to our friends the Sullivans)

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