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New Chapters – Autumn news from the Colyers

Kevin holding the teapot of the Eclectic Society - Former members William Wilberforce, John Newton etc. out of which CMS arose. WW could have drunk tea from this pot!

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Dear All,

Wonderful news – Sam is in remission! We are all thrilled to arrive at this point – after all the procedures and treatment of the last six months, the intensive Leukaemia treatment is over and Sam now enters three years of low-grade “maintenance”. We are all pleased although on the day-to-day basis it is a more subtle change. Sam is still at home and has tutors visiting; he is still weak but getting stronger. The next three years will involve monthly chemo, steroids and regular blood tests and checks but the process of getting Sam back to health and back to school is happening.

New chapters that have turned are to do with our leaving behind YWAM and starting training for ministry in the Anglican church. I say we as Nicki is joining me for part of that training! The most exciting part too. We are travelling up each Tuesday to Church Mission Society to follow the Pioneer training course run there. What was such a surprise was that because of Sam’s progress Nicki felt strongly that she should commit to taking the certificate and not just attending the modules. This means she will need to submit assessments and do much more reading. But It’s wonderful to study together, get a common framework for ministry and share the same perspectives. And based on the first few sessions I think it will be an exciting, challenging and relevant ride for the pair of us. We also have some really interesting fellow students with whom we are very much on the same wavelength! Do pray for us both as we engage in this training and apply it immediately to our contexts of Impact (20-30’s group) and ministry to families on Drovers Way estate.

Yet another chapter has opened for me in the second part of my training. I do the Anglican bit at Ripon college, Cuddesdon. It is absolutely beautiful there, in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside. There are dozens more fellow students here, some more local than at CMS and from very differing church backgrounds. It is harder to know what to expect here and it is perhaps not the most exciting part of the training for me. It will challenge me in engaging in the formal and high style of Anglicanism I am not familiar: I already know where to hang my robes etc. (Not that I have any).  Although some aspects wont challenge me so much (I am on the worship rota this term to say grace at lunch on a Saturday!). It is fun asking questions though and the other students have described us pioneers as “fascinating”. Hopefully not in the insect capturing and pinning sense!

Finally, it is great to announce the arrival of two rather gorgeous bunnies called Camacazi and Bazinga.  We are all smitten with them and they help to make up for our sad loss to the foxes of Lulu (our rabbit brought over from Belgium).  Needless to say we have worked on the outside hutch being more fox proof!

So all around there are new things and new experiences, which Nicki and I thrive on!

Till next time,

Kevin, Nicki, Sam, Ellie, Luc and Josh

Prayer Points

  • Ongoing health and strength for Sam and a clear plan to return to full-time school
  • For Nicki’s study that it wont be interrupted by appointments and family pressures
  • For both of us as we learn new things and critically reflect on what we have done and are doing
  • For Ellie and the twins to grow “in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.” (Luke 2:52)

One comment on “New Chapters – Autumn news from the Colyers

  1. Hi Kevin and Nicky,
    I’d like to send you a promotional copy of my CD ‘Kiss of Grace’ which was recorded while ministering to a group of friends in my home. It is very peaceful restful acoustic piano, instrumental improvisation. As is was created in ministry, it has an anointing to bring people into the presence of God. If you’d like to receive a copy please drop me an email with your address, and if you think appropriate, please let any interested people know that they can purchase a copy via my website for £10.
    Lorna McDougall (Black Isle)

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