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Christmas News from Kevin and Nicki

Click on the photo for more!

Click on the photo for more!

Christmas is almost here! Yay! I am sure that we, like you, are just about hanging in there as Christmas approaches. We are looking forward to the break!

There are have been a few things to do before we could stop as I (Kevin) have had Carol singing outreach to lead, a Christmas youth party in the woods, and a Christmas eve talk and we both have to crack on with our assignments. There is still visiting that needs to be done to families around the church. And of course the Christmas preparations to be done (and fortunately most of it is!).

Sam is doing really well. He is re-engaging with school and finding out that the tutors have taken him to a place of competence that bamboozles some of his fellow students as he is further ahead than they are in some subjects! We have said farewell to the tutors, with whom there was a mutual appreciation. One of them today said that we had inspired her as a family with our positive attitude. What a good sign that God really has been with us despite the difficulties and strains. Sam will return to school full-time in January. He is gradually growing in strength and stamina and seems to get through the monthly steroids and chemo treatment just that bit easier each time.

Luc and Josh have wow-ed their school with their acting talents in Jack and the Beanstalk in their class assembly. We need to find them an acting job as twins somewhere! Ellie is thriving at school in all areas (despite her deeply present worries to the contrary!)

Nicki and I are really enjoying training. The material at CMS, the fellow students and staff are all stretching our thinking bit by bit, giving us tools to reflect on all we have learnt and experienced over the years and helping us to engage and relate to others with greater confidence and insight. Nicki is finding opportunities with local mum’s are opening up. One mum is starting to bring her family to church. With others Nicki is experiencing greater depth. For me I am finding new ways to engage people in conversation. I am starting to see a clearer way ahead with Impact and more ways to get the rest of Emmanuel involved in outreach and local mission.

We are aware of the intensity of new things, some of which we never expected to be able to take on so soon after Sam reaching maintenance, and the realisation that we are still as a family vulnerable and needing to look after ourselves with all the stress this year has been to us. All of us are so grateful for the love and support and prayers that have lifted and carried us through such a dark time and enabled us to bring light to others.

Thank you and we look forward to an exceptional year in 2016 for all of us and you!

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